Sunday, December 21, 2008

over a month

since I last posted! It has been fairly busy as you all know how this time of year can be. On Thursday Laura had her final dance concert although we have the awards thing this afternoon where we have to dress up like we are going to the Oscars. So I have been busy driving her to all her extra practices for the concerts. i would drive home open the garage door the kids would come out and we would go again ( I didn't even make it inside) and would get home about 7:30-8pm. So no time for blogging. The new job is okay there have been times when I am not sure what I am suppose to be doing. I think because I already worked there they just assume I am suppose to know what needs doing. We have also had the street Christmas party from which I didn't get home until 1am! I had to go to work at 7am the next morning, lets just say I was a bit slow. Interesting night though, I had fun anyway.
We have also had both our work dinners, mine was first and at Winnie bagoes in town on a Sunday night. Justin's was in Auckland at a place called Mecca stone house in mission bay. they flew us up for the night. It was a good night, Justin was quite happy when he came back from his meetings to get me for dinner. Then we didn't get to stay as we had to fly back as Laura's dance concert was the same weekend. She was there on Saturday from 10am till about 8:50pm and by the time we got home and to bed it was about 10pm. we went to the show on Sunday, it was pretty good, very long but good. Everyone has commented on how much Laura has improved and come out of her shell. She even had a one line singing solo! She was excited about it and nervous at the same time. She told me that the best show would be the Saturday night one as she wouldn't have anyone she knew watching it! Not sure if that was true or not, never did ask.
Alexander has been okay, actually he has been pretty quiet. I think the late nights have been a bit much for him. one day when we drove in he fell asleep and had a good hour's sleep in the back of my car until Justin picked him up after work. It is not surprising as he is up most mornings between 6-7am!
Christmas is fast approaching, we have a fake tree for the first time which the boys helped me put up (Laura was at her friends) It is a white one that I brought from work last year in the clearance sale. It sat in the middle of the floor for about a week until I got around to decorating it, as I wanted blue decorations which my Mum kindly donated! and I brought some as well. Managed to start and finish my shopping this week. I think I only have the parents to get something for. My Mum is the hardest. Okay so that is the shortened monthly catch up. what about all of you? What's been happening. You're all so quiet, I guess you have been busy too. Take care,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laura was in the jump jam team at school and her team made it to the nationals which happened to be held here in Christchurch yesterday.Her team looked good and they did their routine really well they were in time and it was the best I have seen them do it. They didn't get placed in the top 5 but they did really well and should be proud of themselves. I think the judges must've had a really hard job as all the teams where really good. I also think the song has alot to do with it as well.

I spent all day Friday pretty much snoozing on the couch. I would have gone back to bed when I got home from the gym but we had someone coming to look at the leaky tap and the oven. Not sure why I didn't feel sick just my eyes hurt and wanted to stay closed for abit. Maybe the late night I had on Wednesday when I went out to dinner to farewell our visual merchandiser from work was catching up with me. it was a good night out though, it was just us four girls and it I really enjoyed it.

I start my new role at work on Monday even though I haven't signed a new contract or anything, they have replaced me already as well! which is great but a tad sad as well. So from tomorrow I will be the store's new visual merchandiser! I was suppose to go for training at another store but since I have a day off in the middle of the week to take Justin in for a procedure I am going the following week.

We went to the fireworks held here at Rolleston last night and man was it cold!!! the fireworks were good though and it was a reasonable stroll home! Okay better go hope all is well with everyone take care.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well I typed up a big long post last week but then decided it was more than you really needed to know. Here's the short version. Interesting week at work. Lots of stock and even less staff than normal! 2 days there were us 2 merchandisers for two days and then the next day it was me and one salesperson. I am pretty happy with our dept though because even though we have been short on staff for the last month we aren't looking to bad. yes there is abit of stock out the back but I think we have done well. The interesting part hasn't been finalised yet but I am about to take on a new challenge which I am both excited and scared about. It will mean moving out of my dept and my comfort zone but thanks to the support of other staff members and friends I accepted the role.
On other news we have been out to dinner the last two weekends, I love eating out not so much the bill but you only live once as my Mum and Justin say! We went to the Greek restaurant Costa's. I had the most delicious steak, it reminded me of when I was in Paraguay for some reason. Dessert was okay I had the balavka, it was rich and sweet. the weekend before I wasn't really keen on a lot on the menu (unlike this week where I had to much to choose from) but dessert was easy and yummy. Okay better go as I have to take Laura to dance.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Laura passed her Jazz exam that she had this week! She did the jazz grade 4 exam and got honours which means she got between 85-89%, I am so proud of her, she was quite nervous as this was her first time doing an exam.
We are going out for dinner tonight with the Carsons and the Browns all without children how rare is that these days. It has been awhile since we have been out for dinner at all actually. I invited everyone and Justin picked and booked the restaurant, which I had a quick look at the sample menu and well nothing really jumped out at me so hopefully when we get there tonight something does!!
Not much else happening here really, work taking Laura to dance and back to work again. Although I did have two episodes with my alarm, human error of course. I dropped my phone on Sunday and didn't change the clock so when I was still here at 6:50am on Monday Laura was quite surprised although I thought she was up to early and told her it was only 6:25 as that is what my phone had said when I last looked at it. Opps so I was a little late for work luckily I just worked later. Then on Wednesday I had to set my alarm for something else and forgot to change it back so our phone was ringing at 4:30am on Thursday as I wasn't at work. Double opps!! that my friends is about all the excitement I have had this week!
Take care, talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

finally got photos stuck down and managed to take a photo to upload. Here are the two fully completed pages I did from Nic Howard's take two class. I think they look great but that's because I had all the hard work done for me all I really had to do was put it together. thanks Nic!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am getting abit slack at updating aren't I?? Well lets see, our house guest and his daughter who ended up staying a couple of nights as well, have now gone. they moved out late Saturday. We were all abit slow on Saturday as we had a bbq next door the night before and had a few drinks. I was still in bed early though, not that it felt like it helped much. Moving right along Saturday night was a work thing, the guy that hired me left earlier in the week and it was his leaving party. He is such a nice guy and he is going to be missed alot!! It was a good turn out too, I wasn't going to go as it is a bit of a hassle having to drive into town and then back out but I am glad I did. I am currently on holiday so no work well except the Post Office job. It is tiring not doing anything. the kids have gone to the movies with their cousins and grandma, not sure why they didn't do it last week when I was at work but oh well. So I have spent the whole morning altering photos, just adding a bit more light to some of them. In the end I found it was just as easy to do that it picture viewer thingy rather than photo shop. Not sure how good they will turn out though, I guess we will find out later.
So I signed up to face book as well last week, I even have some friends too! Plus a photo of myself, now that is a biggie. I don't really like having my photo taken and this one isn't the greatest, although it does look a little better. Photos show how much you've aged don't they? I am not sure how everyone else looks so great and relaxed about having their photo taken. I guess I am just not photogenic.
Friday last week I had my reassessment at the gym but the guy that took it last time wasn't there so I had a different one. Let's just say ......... it was interesting. He was really nice and has given me a few new things to try but since I am not going to work I haven't started it yet!!! I did go to the gym this morning but I went to Jellie Park instead. They have recently been renovated and it is all flash, new machines that Fiona couldn't work out, well two of them but the rest was good. It did feel strange going to a different gym.
Laura has less than a week till her first solo jazz dance. the competitions are this weekend. I am not sure how she will go once she is on stage. I think I am more nervous than she is.
Alexander is fine, he is looking to do tennis this summer when one of his parents gets around to finding out some more information about it.
well I think that is quite enough for now. Hope you are all well. take care.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We have a house guest with us at the moment, he is a friend of Justin's and is staying until he finds a place to rent. He actually arrived last Saturday night but since I haven't blogged since before then you didn't know!! Laura has been at camp since Wednesday, I didn't get to say good bye and take care and love you before she left as I was at work and I went to bed while they were all still on the computer but the cute and lovely girl that she is texted me before she left in the morning to say she goodbye and that she loves me. Isn't that just gorgeous, my sweet 13 year old made me sad and happy at my break for breakfast that day. Happy that she sent me the text to say she loved me and sad that I wasn't there for her. don't get me wrong its not like she's never been away from me, (hell we went away for a month and left her with grandparents). I just thought is was lovely!!!
what else has been happening, not much work, only had to take Laura to dance once this week although I did drive out to where she has dance last night to pick up Okiwi, a student from the dance studio in town who was teaching as Laura's teacher was not there. He is at high school but a very talented dancer and so enthusactic and funny. So the drive back was not at all awkward as I know who he is and have spoken to him to say great work at Christmas in the park but don't really know him if you know what I mean. Although now when he is famous I will be able to say I gave him a ride once!
okay I have just talked to my best friend on Skype (great thing that) and she has told me I have to join face book. Which I have been avoiding since I really don't know anyone but now that I know two people as I know my cousin is one there too I guess i will go and check it out.

Friday, September 19, 2008

an update from the week that was.... well last Saturday I had Nic Howards class, which was good I didn't leave with two completed layouts though. One because I had to leave early ( and Nic had read that on my blog, how cool is that?) and two I didn't have my photos as I went to get them printed that morning but the machines were down. I have only just managed to get to the layouts this afternoon and finish off. I was going to upload but am waiting for some glitter glue to dry,and I haven't written on Alexanders on yet. I managed to get the photos done on Tuesday while Laura was at dance, Alexander and I went and got them done at Harvey Norman as they have a special on 5x7 for 25cents. It was the first time I have gone in and done it and it was really easy!!!
We had the Brown's over for homemade pizza on Saturday night without their children as they were getting ready for bed already, then Justin's brother and his family came over and stayed to watch the rugby. Justin parents were also here but his Mum went home early as she is not very well.
We had our first bbq of the season on Sunday night, since it was such a beautiful day (not that I saw much of it) it was really good too!
The rest of the week was fairly normal work, baking on Monday afternoon, dance Tuesday. I worked later on Wednesday since we had cardholders day at work on Thursday. Our theme was storybook characters. I still didn't know what I was going as when I left work on Wednesday but ended up going as Pipi Longstocking. I looked cute apparently, I felt funny more about not wearing a dress than anything as I felt naked without my pants on!!! I have asked on of the girls at work to flick me thru some photos so I may even share if you are lucky. And here we are at today already see the weeks just fly by don't they? What have you all been up to this past week?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I never did get back to update but doesn't mean I didn't think of you all. I often think up what to write on here but it just never gets here. Like lots of things I guess. Today I could have scrapped but did I? No!!! I did some cleaning, baked a banana cake got the pizza dough ready for tomorrow nights tea, had lunch, did some washing, then when the kids came home and it was a beautiful afternoon I did some gardening, played some soccer with the kids (next doors kids were here too) and then washed my car. I did look at some photos and cleared my desk to scrap but that is as close as I got! It was funny looking at some old photos of me when I was a kid, there a couple there that I look so cute but if I knew how I would fix in photoshop as the photo itself isn't the greatest. Speaking of I just changed two photos of the kids into black and white which I hope to print off and do a layout about each of them, the photos are from their birthdays. they are the just so lovely and black and white photos look really cool. I did see on Cathy's blog she uses some cool actions on all her photos but it was easy enough to do in photoshop, although I did still adjust the one of Laura a little bit. I suppose you all want to see them then, hold on lets see......... first up is Laura
and not to be left out here is Alexander

Laura's tooth fell out this week, it had been stuck there for a little bit right at the top of her mouth. the tooth fairy didn't come! I think it came today while she was at school as there was $2 where she had apparently put her tooth when she got home. funny aye. Well everyone is here so I better go and get ready for tomorrow's class with Nic Howard. I just checked my email and Laura's dance which is normally just down the road from where Scrapbook art, is now at Burwood which is not in the centre of town where I will be!! arghhh. Oh well these things happen. Night all.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 13th to my lovely Laura!! Yes she is 13 today and I am so proud of her she finally got her cellphone that she has been waiting so patiently for. She did ask us a couple of times to have one last year for Christmas but Justin told her when she is 13 she can have one. Not once did she day that we are such mean parents as pretty much everyone else she knows her age has a cellphone, even some that are younger!
It was so funny she had about 5 texts once we got the sim card in as both the grandparents had texted her and her friends that were here texted her as well!! Yes we had four girls stay last night and Alexander also managed to have his friend over. I was first asleep out of all of them, I'm so old!!! I was also probably awake before all of them too! The good thing is they pretty much look after themselves at this age, all I had to do was feed them some food and I took some photos as the girls did a little fashion show down the hallway and then they all watched movies and of course talked!!! I will try and upload some photos later, well some of Laura anyway as I took enough for some reason she didn't seem to mind me taking photos of her.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just a quick note to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!
Hope you are having a great day and can't wait to hear about all the nice little pressies that came your way.
I will try and update with some more later in the week.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am seriously considering doing one of these classes by New Zealands very own Nic Howard. I do regularly check her blog and like her work its just.... one I can't decide which class to do and two as always the money. If I get time I may call in today and see about them, that is of course if I get time. I was on Cathy blog yesterday, she always has something there to make you laugh, she to has a class which I won't be doing but sounds good. Heidi Swapp is going to be in Australia in December but I won't be attending that either. It is like all the great scrapbooking/stamping products out there, some really great but you can't have them all. I don't like to spend money on it that much especially when I don't really do that much these days. There is always something else to do or I am just not motivated enough. I tried making a card the other day and didn't even get that finished. I also have many more excuses too, I don't have enough space, its to cold, etc etc. I also want to get some more photos printed as the ones I have aren't inspiring me. I would love a really nice one of the kids so I can get it a little bigger than the normal size but all mine are just average. Okay I really am rambling, take care and see you all later.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

not such a great week, nothing to bad (especially compared to others) just not a happy one! You know when one little thing happens and then one more and it just changes your whole mood and as much as you want to get over as you know you can't do anything about it now you just can't get past it.
On Wednesday on my way home from work my tyre went well lets just say it wouldn't go any more! I knew my wheel alignment was out and I thought that noise was that when I went around the round about but by the third roundabout I knew it wasn't as my tyre was extremely bad. So I rang my other half and told him to ring the kids and let them know I would be late he also rang the AA since I really don't know how to change a tyre( I know shame on me) I had 4 different people stop and ask me if I needed help which was nice and I said no I have some coming thanks. there was also a gentleman further up who had broken down but I didn't see anyone stop to see if he needed help! I did eventually take the fourth guy up on his offer as I was sick of waiting and it was a busy place too. So thank you to the gentleman from Beaureapairs who stopped to help me. I was very grateful but still didn't manage to get his name I did take the rego of his car so must send a note of thanks. So that was to bad just annoying really, and I had to drive back into town to take Laura into dance on that stupid space saver tyre but we managed.
It was what happened on Thursday that set my mood, I think I was just so tired, well I must have been because when I got home from work I went and had a nap!! That is not normal. thank goodness it was my weekend. Didn't really get up to much, just the normal house stuff, crappy weather I see today when I was back at work it was lovely! The neighbours had tea with us on Friday very impromptu, they came over for something else and ended up staying for tea! so that was quite nice really. Saturday same as, Laura to dance and home again. My folks called in on there way home from town as well and gave the kids a couple of things that they got on there trip. Mum hasn't been to well this week and was just starting to feel better.
Justin is away for a couple of nights so the kids are at Grandma's tonight and tomorrow. grandma hasn't been well for the last few weeks either, which would explain why i haven't heard from them, she has been quite ill so I feel abit bad about not knowing and now she has the kids, just as well they pretty much look after themselves these days.
Oh and I brought some stuff on Saturday I splashed out and got myself these and some staz-on ink which was on special too, of course the stamps weren't and they were kinda impulsive but oh well, I'm sure they will come in handy. I did start to make a card with them on Saturday but I never finished it. Gee look at the time I better hit the sack. take care, and catch up with you all later.

Monday, July 28, 2008

an actually weekend, yes I Saturday and Sunday off, well that is if you don't count the 2 hours at the post office, but it did mean I did have Sunday off which I don't usually get. I ended up working Friday you see although it turned out they didn't really need me there but hey it worked for me!!!
Didn't really get up to much though, we did go out on Sunday as Alexander needed new school shoes but he didn't come as he had organised to go to a friends house and well he hasn't ever gone to a friends before so we couldn't say no. He did really well out of the whole thing actually, he got new shoes some extra rugby shorts ($5) and a new duvet cover all without even being there!! He did miss out on Subway for lunch though, which was great although they need to make a 8-10 inch one as I can eat a 6 no problems but the 12 is a struggle but you know how I hate wasted food. I could've saved it for later but it wouldn't have been the same. Laura had her first real one as well, I think she has had a basic kids ham one before but this time she had one like us minus a few things of course. She enjoyed it too and said thanks about 3 times I think.LOL
I did want to do one of the challenge that are about but well I don't have enough Hero Arts stamps to make a cool wrap around card like what is required this week. Click here to see them.
The Friday night challenge at the Sketchbook was to do a seasonal layout but I didn't really have any photos printed that were suitable, so I spent a long time trying to upload some photos so that I can get them printed, still haven't finished. I did manage to start a layout with an extra photo I had of Alexander's birthday last year, which I just need to finish. It is so good when you have a sketch to work from and it all just comes together. the page hasn't really taken that long, choosing the background colour probably took the longest!! Okay enough rambling for now. Hope everyone is having a good day and talk to you soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey there, what's up?? Well another weekend has been and gone, gosh its mid week already. Not alot exciting happened here on the weekend. Alexander had rugby on Saturday morning and we were lying in bed listening to the rain pour down thinking it won't be on, and kinda waiting for the phone to ring to say it was off but it didn't and it stopped raining by the time he played. It was a such a good game from both teams that it was a draw. The coach was pretty impressed, and wanted to know what some of them had for breakfast!!

Came home made some lunch, whipped up some pizzas, yummy too. Then I tried to scrap the photos that have been on my desk for the last month or so but couldn't find any two pieces of card stock in the colour that I wanted as I was doing a double layout and then remembered that Scappin Patch who are sponsoring the Friday night challenges on the sketch book are local. So I looked up to see exactly where they were and what time they closed. so off I went armed with my two pieces of card stock hoping to match them up. Found the place easy enough, and even managed to match my card stock up straight away, but I didn't leave straight away as there was some really cool stuff to look at. Of course you know me I didn't buy anything, although I was tempted. well actually I did grab a white glaze pen and a piece of pattern paper that was on special that I can use on my layout. I must say that the service was lovely and friendly and not pushy, as I often go into a scrap shop and just look but leave feeling a little awkward since i didn't buy anything or only one little thing, didn't get that here.

Funny thing is though, I didn't end up finishing my layout as I helped Laura wrap the girl next door's birthday present and then watched a movie with Justin. I did stamp on the wrapping paper to make it more girly and interesting. It was stripey and I added some flowers., looked cool. I also did my nieces paper while I was there since her brothers present will be wrapped in the same stripey paper.

Laura is dancing today all day, she is been at a dancing thing at school all day till 4:30 then she has dance from 6pm till 7:30pm. they have changed the time this term and the venue which makes it a little trickier for us, although it does mean I get some more time at home so I can get a few things sorted like updating my blog. Just means dinner for Laura and I will be later.

Okay better liven this up with a picture lets see...
.... this is a card I made the other day using Heidi grace clear stamps, Stampin Up cool Caribbean ink, black ink and some scraps of card stock.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it isn't good when you have to check your own blog to see when you last posted! It's not like anything exciting has been happening. It is the school holidays at the moment, but I still have work so the kids are booked into a programme for the first week but only Alexander has gone as Laura is sick so she went to the lovely neighbour's house on Monday and to Grandma's today and tomorrow as even though she feels a little better they are off swimming tomorrow so that's not gonna happen for her. I am about to take Alexander to rugby practice which is gonna be freezing. He didn't have a game last weekend as all rugby was cancelled due to the weather. It snowed again, I was hoping it would keep going and settle so I wouldn't have to go to work on Sunday but no such luck. There was quite abit on the ground ( I didn't take any photos this time and I think it was more snow than last time) but then it rained again and it was all gone. Laura did go to dance on Saturday and she also had a private lesson to learn more for her solo dance routine, of course she hasn't been up to practising this week though. I went to the gym again and did the step class again, the guy that normally takes it was there this week. I didn't have as sore legs this week but I still didn't get half the moves. To many going around in cirlces this week! Still was quite funny. work is work, I did manage to get some more toys out and have had a little help with them the last few days so am quite pleased as the pile has gone down quite considerably. Well that is all I have time for.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy birthday Alexander!!

Hope you have a great 9th birthday today. Really he is just waiting for his present from us as I wasn't here this morning when he got up and now Justin is still at work. I did leave him a little one (underwear) and his card that I whipped up last night. He went ten-pin bowling with his friends on Saturday which was also my birthday and even though it started well, not that getting up at 3:30am is a good start to the day, although it is what I choose to do. The and I quote "gentlemen from RD6" gave me a funny card and a heap of chocolate! Like 4 boxes, 2 roses chocs and 2 scorched almonds. There goes the theory of eating better. After that the day was just like any other Saturday, took Laura to dance went to the gym where I decided to venture into the step class for something different. Let's just say I now have calf muscles. It was fun even though I looked like an uncoordinated ditz, and I certainly got a workout. Home had lunch, then all the 4 boys arrived and off we went back into town. They seemed to have fun, I was trying to take photos but it is very difficult as you can't really get in front of them when they are bowling and then whenever I tryed to take a photo one of them would put their heads in the way!! We took them to Burger King after the bowling and after that my day just went really downhill. I won't go into to details as its in the past now. Alexander's friends seem nice and it was good to finally put faces to names. I think they all had a good time, no one ate any cake though.
I must give a big thank you to my wonderful cousin (not that she reads this) who had me over for lunch on Friday and who also spoilt me for my birthday. She gave me some magazines, wine, hot chocolate, and favourites to relax and read them with. She also made a nice card which I accidentally left there. Lunch was lovely, we had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread finished off with chocolate cake and cream! as you know Justin's Mum took my shopping last Friday and also spoilt me, from them I got, underwear, slippers, warm pants,and measuring spoons. Yes measuring spoons, Monica from work couldn't believe I got measuring spoons for my birthday. and for those of you who know me well I didn't get cheap plastic ones either I went all out and got metal ones. So I think I did pretty well.
Well better go and see what the birthday boy is up to, playing on the PlayStation I think. hope all is well and talk to you all soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

we still haven't done our Indian dinner as poor old Amelia hasn't been well or Chloe either. I am catching up with them tomorrow for lunch which will be nice. I kept meaning to send her a get well card but never got there, I haven't got to anything lately. there won't be any time this weekend either. What with rugby and dance in the morning, then we are taking four (well hopefully 4 I have only heard from 2 but then again I haven't been home) ten pin bowling for Alexander's birthday which is on Monday. Oh I don't think I told you all he scored his first try last weekend at rugby! Woohoo. He was quite proud, it was the first thing he told me when I got home from dance with Laura last week. Well actually he said guess what I did today at rugby?
I did however get mail this week. One from Mum and Dad and one from Susan, who as it turns out had a wee baby girl yesterday, so congratulations to them.
What else was I going to tell you??
Justin has been away since Tuesday so the kids have been staying the nights there since after tea on Tuesday, I have eaten dinner around there the last two nights as well. Since I have still had to take Laura to dance. Grandma has been spoiling them rotten as always. I had the kids parent teacher interviews today as well. One went really well like " one of those gems you want to have in your class" type well, and the other well lets just say I wish they had the teacher they had last year. It wasn't that is was really bad, I mean we only got to talk about the reading and then we were out of time but I don't know. I guess that is the problem when you have a really young enthusaic teacher and then you have a teacher. I know it is hard to get someone who tells you they don't like reading into reading but................ you know what I mean???? Please someone tell me you know what I mean.
Anyway enough of that, I had better go and get some beauty sleep! Take care all and hope you are all well.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

another week down, and we are half way thru June already!!
We didn't do our Indian dinner last weekend due to the snow, as we didn't know how heavy it was going to get but it didn't last long. Yes it was cold, Alexander froze at rugby and he apparently didn't have his thermal on either. I asked him how he played and he said he just made rucks! Justin said it was his worst game, and that it was freezing!
so we were going to do Indian tonight but Amelia isn't feeling the best so we are postponing it, not sure when we will do it but it will happen eventually.
so instead our neighbour JB came over and cooked us nachos, his family has gone out so he is here for tea and to watch the rugby. I love it when someone else cooks!!
I went and watched Alexander play rugby today and Justin took Laura to dance so he could do a few things in town while she was dancing. I even spoke to the coach today(he hasn't ever really spoken to me before) so that was interesting. He is a very good coach as he doesn't bother with any nice PC comments he just tells it like it is!
We got another postcard from Mum and Dad, this time it was addressed to all of us, sounds like they are enjoying seeing everything. We still haven't decided on where and when our holiday is going to be. Justin wanted to do the whole wedding island thing so we got the whole package but I am still not sure. all I know is I need to have a plan so I have something to look forward to!!!!
today I have been trying to finish my niece's album that I am making her for her birthday which is this month, since both her brothers have an album of some sort that I have made for them. It is pretty plain and simple but quite hard as I don't have any photos since we don't really see them that much. She will just have to get her Mum or Dad to help her put the photos in. actually now that i think about it her brothers were the same, they had to put there photos in. I know for the first pages I did have photos but the rest they had to get, for hers I won't have any. Okay so now I am babbling on about nothing so it must be time to go. Hope everything is well with you all in your little world and hope to hear from you soon!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here is my layout as promised. thanks to the talented Jennifer McGuire for the sketch. It was really good, I managed to cut my photos down to size with no worries as I knew they would look fine. I did have a little trouble making the frame at the side, the photo doesn't show it but if you go to Jennifer's website there is a video to watch of how to do it, she makes it look so easy. I used ribbon down the side which I had to ink as I didn't have any green ribbon, then I stitched it down the middle so I could gather it to give it a bit more dimension. the journalling was blended with the same paint as the title is done in as I had no cardstock to match that to either. I don't think it shows in the photo but it lumiere super copper paint that the letters are painted in which I got by tracing around some cutouts from some old Ki memories letter stickers that I like but didn't have any of those letters left. So it did take my awhile to complete by the time I mucked around but i am happy with it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

hi there

stranger, oh no wait that's me. well, no one really missed me anyway. No I haven't been off away somewhere exciting, but my Mum and Dad are. I think they are in the Scotland region at the moment. The kids not the family but the' grand kids' got a postcard yesterday from them and it had pubs of London on the front. funny!!! They sent it the day after they arrived in London so still early on in there trip. Mum has been having a few technical difficulties of getting into her email so haven't had any really, only one from Bev to say she couldn't get into her email. she has texted me and said they are having fun and the money is going way to fast on all the little extra excursions they are doing. I so wish I was there or somewhere on Holiday. here is trudging along nothing exciting to report really. We are doing one of our themed dinners tomorrow night the theme is Indian but the boys are cooking which means we are having takeaways! It is at our house and I haven't organised how I am going to do the table up yet, Amelia always has hers looking really cool like magazine cool! speaking of cool we went the Lincoln High School open night last night and it would be so cool to go back to school they have so many more options than what we did. I think she will go there, as we haven't looked at any other schools and it is easier to send her there as she wants to go, as that is where most of the kids from her school are going. The highlight of the night was probably the fire bell that rang and everyone had to evacuate. It was actually a shame as the art teacher was just showing us around the art studios, yes studios they had about 3-4 rooms , one was for graphics I think but it all looked so cool. Not sure if Laura is going to do art but I would if I was going, not that I have any artistic bones but oh well it would be nice to dream.
One of my favourite scrapbookers/cardmakers has set a sketch challenge on Megan's new sketchbook site(click on the link to take a look) and I am just having trouble deciding what colour to have my background, I have all my photos ready to go and thanks to the sketch know where to lay them out just can't decide on the green or brown/natural background. I have left them on both and then come back to look at it but still can't decide. actually I think I might go green for something different, maybe.
Okay I had better stop rambling here and go make up some journalling for my page so I can finish it that's the aim to finish my page today, so check back later to see if I have!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

one more sleep

until y Mum and Dad leave for their big trip to the Europe/UK. They are away for 2 months, I am gonna miss them but am very excited for them and just as well as they are to stressed to be excited. They are stressed because they are moving from their house in Christchurch to their little farm out at Glentunnel. I don't think they realised how big a job it would be to clear out everything and get the house ready to rent. So they will be leaving it unrented but thanks to good neighbours hopefully it will be rented before they get back. It also means I have no place to go in between my jobs on Tuesday- Thursday. I do have a plan but not that keen on it at the moment as I have a head cold but we will see.
I did go out last weekend which I wasn't that keen on (as its winter and cold) but it was okay. Went out with our neighbour, her friend and mother in law. So was an interesting night but I did get to have a boogie so it was good.
The rest of the week has just been normal really, nothing that comes to mind.
One of the scrapbook sites I visit is closing on 31st May and so that inspired Megan to create a place for everyone who was a regular visitor to the site a new place to visit so you can take a look here. I think it is a great idea, its not affiliated with any store so you can be inspired and find out the best place to get stuff.
That is all from me sorry no pics today. I am not as exciting as Jennifer, if you read her post you will get what I mean. You may have to scroll down abit as she post regularly unlike me but I love her stuff and she is just so lovely.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

and a card or two!

that I did for the Scrapbook Essentials Friday night challenge, not that I did them on Friday night, but it is all good as you have till Sunday night to upload them. Just as well. I was inspired by the Hero Arts blog to do this one where the bear is only half stuck on like the one shown here
not sure if the bear works the same but it does look alright in real life. the other one is pretty simple, although it took me forever to get it together as i got the background all sorted but couldn't decide what the heck to put on the front, ended up being the original thing I stamped but just not layed out the same.
weekend was fine, mother's Day on Sunday was pretty much a non event, just a happy mothers day a poorly made card from Laura( I mean that in the nicest way possible, just I know she can do and has done so much better than the pencil drawn one she gave me)
Saturday was okay, Justin went to Auckland, Laura went to dance then Nana's as I had to be back to pick Alexander up from rugby as Grandma and Grandad had a party to go to. So it was just Alexander and I for the rest of the day. we went down to one of the empty sections around the back and played cricket for half an hour. Then I made my cards while he played on the xbox. I think he missed his sister! I know I missed her. we did have fun making sausage casserole for tea for the two of us.
Okay I have to go as they are waiting for me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Layout

at long last!! This is for the NZ Dares challenge. I did have several different ideas for this weeks challenge of using numbers on a page but ended up doing this one as I didn't have photos for any of my other ideas. you have to work with what you've got! It is okay, at the photos are now scrapped but it is lacking something down the bottom where the tags are.I was in such a rush to take the photo I didn't even clean up around it and you can see my rubbish! Sorry about that.

Our American night was good, I did American hot dogs and apple pie, we also had pork ribs, corn on the cob with salsa plus sour cream and of course Amelia's lovely brownie!
Isobel picked out our next nights choice and she pulled out Indian, us adults were hoping she would pull out adults night where we get to go out without the kids for dinner. So we still have that to look forward to. Of course the boys were saying that we can just cheat and order takeaway Indian but we haven't set a date so we will have to wait and see on that one.
well better go and sort tonight's tea out! Take care all. Talk to you later.

Friday, May 2, 2008

we are finally having another one of our themed night dinners this Saturday night. the country is USA, Justin wants me to do American hot dogs but I was hoping for something a little different but not sure what. for dessert I'm not sure about either as Amelia makes a lovely brownie so what does that leave me?? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Justin and I have a date tonight, we are going for dinner and then shopping as we both need some decent winter clothes as ours are old and tatty! I am suppose to be organising where we eat and have a budget. I guess I better hurry up and make i organise it, I hate making decisions!
the kids are going to Nana's for the night who they haven't seen for a while, only 23 days until they go on their two month trip, how exciting. I so want to go! I looked up my air points the other day as I was worried when they expired turns out not until 2010 which is good as gives me more time to save and go further but bad as I want to go away. I really do want to have a whole family trip but man its just so dam expensive, but I guess we will sort something out.
I haven't done any scrap booking but have been enjoying the Hero Arts Blog this week where the CEO has been talking about the company itself. Makes me appreciate my Hero Arts stamps abit more which is good as although they are good quality they always seem expensive to me but as they good old Jennifer McGuire says "they are an investment"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday already! I ended up ringing by boss at my other job and getting an extra day off so the kids and I were able to nip away to Geraldine to stay at my Aunties and hang out with my cousin who was there visiting with her children. The weather was fantastic and it was really nice to get away. I didn't sleep well as I had Alexander next to me and I was worried that I would have to get him up to go to the toilet but he slept like a log, although logs don't grind there teeth! I tried to tell him to stop it but he was ASLEEP! He even slept in but so he should have, the night before I went to bed early as I wasn't feeling well and he stayed up with his father who was playing computer games and didn't go to bed until very late! Plus he didn't get to bed until late that night as well. My cousin, auntie and I all scrap booked while the kids watched a movie at night and of course after they went to bed. It is good having others to scrap with, there wasn't a lot of chatter but is still good to have someone that responds when you ask 'does this go alright here or would it look better here?'
I just drove off to come home and thought the tyres don't feel right so I got out to have a look as it had been fine earlier in the day and sure enough it was flat. Well actually turns out it had a nail in it! Uncle David took it off and put the spare space saver tyre on for me, he even changed it to the back for me, so we had to drive carefully home with that on. Glad it happened then and not later as I really don't know how to change a tyre but I did pay attention just in case I need too.
not exactly alot happening since we got home, the weather kinda matched the mood in our house today, gloomy with little rays of sunshine (the kids are so beautiful).
I have started working on my niece Eva's album that I am going to give her for her birthday in June. I actually made the album ages ago, gee it was last year as I was still at Mum and Dad's house. I think I painted here earlier in the year and now working on the pages. Last year I made her brother one in two or three days! Okay so they aren't similar at all but still at least I'm not rushing this one!
what is everyone else up to this weekend? Love to hear all about it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's see, its the school holidays here and I have taken the first week off. Unfortunately we are not going away as I still have to work at the other job, that's the problem when you have two jobs!!
It was a beautiful first day though and so I took the kids into the gardens to get some nice autumn shots, but don't think I did that good a job. I love the red of some trees at this time of the year but only really found a couple at the gardens. we met Justin in there for lunch as well so that was nice, the botanic gardens run a puzzle quiz where you have to go and find things in the gardens which we did one other time. they are good fun free entertainment and kept the kids busy for awhile. Funnily enough the kids weren't even to old to play on the playground, it was nice to see that Laura even helped a little kid on the flying fox, that's always a good feeling.
We also did some shopping, even though Alexander wasn't excited about it. We did have some items that we needed to get, like a new bike helmet for Laura and some new school shoes for Laura but we didn't get either of those she got some cute camo slip on shoes though and sore lots of nice clothes that she liked! Alexander got a new highlighter for school, Justin got a paper tray for his mail and well I got the groceries or as the kids said I got to spend the day with them, which I agreed was priceless!!!! I will upload some photos tomorrow when the battery has recharged. I have spent the morning looking at blogs layouts thanks to Megan but still just went with a normal fixed template. I would really love something with scrolls and nice colours but have no clue how to do it! so this will do until I change it. take care.

Monday, April 14, 2008

well another weekend has been and gone, they sure don't last long do they?

I must apologise (not that they know i have a blog) to the girls at work as they did come out to Rolleston last weekend for the house warming but forgot some vital information, like where I lived and or my phone number!!!!!

Laura didn't have dance this weekend as some competition was on, so it meant that I got to go and watch Alexander play rugby! Which alos means I took a heap of photos!!! Here are just a couple.

He played out at Glentunnel which is where my parents have a little farm and they happened to be out there this weekend so they also came and watched. His team won and he did well considering he was on for the whole game. We kept thinking they should take him off as he looked pretty tired but he was doing okay. he got tackler of the day which was pretty cool to be there for, It's very good they stay after the game and have some food provided by the home team, and his team even have dress tops to put on after the game, its so cool!! Well I think so.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Our House Warming

party was on the weekend and it went okay, the house looked fantastically tidy, all those that physical replied they were coming showed up, a few that said they were didn't. Mainly the girls from work but I kinda figured they wouldn't show. the weather wasn't that great but it didn't really rain either so I guess that was good. We had far to much food and booze so I now have a well stocked liquor cabinet. Most people brought their own to drink and the other halves were the drivers. we will also be eating sausages for the next month or two! Alot also seemed to leave early but that happens when you have kids with you but we had a few that stayed late which was really nice. I didn't have anything to drink until later in the evening and I was still a useless host as I forgot to take photos and get everyone to sign my guest book. (much to Justin's relief as he thinks it dumb) I did manage to get about four people (the ones that stayed late) to sign it but still out of 25 or so that is pretty pathetic. Most of the kids seem to have a good time, some of them I did have to talk to as they were running around inside with no respect for the house, and no it wasn't the boys!
I had Sunday off work as Laura was suppose to have a dance day on but it was postponed, which I was a little annoyed at but good to have a extra day at home with the family. we did a cooked breakfast with some leftovers and Laura made waffles for everyone, as my Mum and Dad had stayed the night and we invited the Browns (neighbours) who we also had here for tea for more leftovers! Other than that we didn't really do alot.
Alexander also had his first game of rugby on Saturday and I didn't get to see it as I have to take Laura to dance in town at the same time! I was abit disappointed and Justin refused to take photos as he wanted to watch the game not take photos! I did manage to see him at practise for the first time on Thursday night and he was oh so cute and he seem to get into and do well! He did well at the game on Saturday both Dad and Grandad went and watched as it was in Rolleston against another Rolleston team and his team won so that was good. They have different tops to wear when they go into the club rooms after each game as they had to take a plate of food when it is a home game to share with everyone. cool aye?
Okay that is all for now. Hope everyone is else is fine.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Okay so I missed a couple of weeks and yes abit has happened in between then so lets see

Easter weekend

Friday I did some weed pulling in the garden and that night we had the street bbq where we had a few wines so a good time was had by all although the head didn't feel so good when it hit the pillow but i was fine the next day

Saturday more garden and dinner next door and a movie at our place

Sunday Justin's dad had a heart attack so the afternoon was spent at the hospital

Monday I was back to work but our lovley neighbours had tea already for us, so I whipped up a blackboy peach crumble and a apple one for fussy people like Laura.

Justin and the kids had the Tuesday off so they visited Grandad. He was home on Thursday, just a minor heart attack and when I saw him again on Saturday he looked fine, would never have known. we went around there as Justin's brother and their kids who just had birthdays were visiting so we took their presents around. After that we had a guy come around to quote for the landscape or lawn being sown after that I finally got back to the garden but by then it was getting late and we were going to have a bbq with next door but we had a few issues and so I just carried on then Rebecca came over and we decided it was wine time! So we sat outside and had a wine and her husband ended up cooking us up some wedges with bacon and sour cream, its was bloody good!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Okay time for another weekly update, not that there is much to tell, lets see. Oh last weekend our neighbours, who happen to be friends of ours moved in. The kids were quite excited and it was pretty good to see them outside playing with other children instead of being inside! Justin's Mum came over and took me to the plant shop that we had a voucher for as it was having a sale as she is quite determined we get the front entrance garden done. So I managed to pick some plants out, man they aren't cheap. They didn't have the actual trees we wanted but that's okay we will do that another day. so after we had lunch her and I spent the afternoon doing the garden. We went around to her house to grab some more plants from her garden and they had visitors and Paul said no you can't have your table( as our outdoor table and chairs are at their house) as we are using them. They were on their second bottle of wine! I hadn't even realised what the time was as it was such a beautiful day and being so busy it was almost tea time. Luckily we were going next door for nachos so I didn't have to cook. the rest of week I have been working. Kids are fine and looking forward to Easter weekend. okay that is all from me. Hope all is well with you all. Talk to you soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

well I was going to blog last Thursday that I had a wedding on Friday that I wasn't that excited about going to but it turned out to really good. The weather was beautiful as was the setting and everyone was really nice. we ended up out until about 2am I think, I was so darn tired on Saturday everyone (Justin and Justin B) kept telling me I looked tired or I think they were trying to wind me up by saying I was hung over but i wasn't. I do admit to not feeling to well on the trip home from akaroa but that was about all. try this link if you want to look at the photos http:// here is one of the setting before hand, just to tempt you.

what else has been happening not alot really just working and doing house stuff. I am having a house warming even though the landscaping is not done. If we don't do it now we will never have one it will be like some other things we just haven't done won't it??? so I finally sent some invites out last night and this morning at work was having a little worry inside my head (if you know what I mean) that i have no idea what I am doing and am just not organised and maybe Justin is right. He of course isn't keen on the whole idea but we have a nice house and I want everyone to see. Plus he said when we have our new house we can have people over so that's what I am doing.
Laura hasn't been well this week but she went back to school yesterday and dance, she isn't enjoying it as much but I think that has something to do with the new teacher. Laura thinks she doesn't like her I think its more that she probably doesn't get that extra bit of help that she might need to actually get the move right. So we will see how it goes, hopefully it will be alright. luckily she has her Thursday class with a different teacher so that is all good.
Alexander well hard to tell he seems okay although he says he doesn't like school yet will be excited to tell you about something he did. He went to rugby yesterday for the first time. Justin took him as I was at dance with Laura after next week hopefully his training will be on Tuesday. Justin said the coach is nice and strict and doesn't like cry babies and wants parents to praise for good tackles not tries otherwise the kids just hog the ball or something along those lines. Alexander told me about the praise bit but not the crying bit! He used to cry if he got hurt at soccer so we are a little concerned but he is a tough little thing, I'm sure he will be fine. will keep you updated on how that goes.
Okay I had better go as I need to get some other things done before i go to work. Take care. talk to you all soon.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Shelley!!
I hope you have a fantastic day, sorry I can't be there. I have sent a card and small gift but of course it won't get there until way after your birthday.
So I haven't really got a lot to tell you all as not really a lot has been happening.
Laura's dance is going fine, she missed a couple of the first classes due to not being organised and being able to find the place.
Justin was away for 3 days this week so the kids have been staying the nights at grandmas as I have work in the morning.
Alexander is fine, I think, he doesn't really say alot. He did get upset the other night at grandmas but I think he was just tired as by the sounds of it he had been up late again.
Our to be neighbours (friends of Justin's) stayed for tea on Saturday and watched a movie with us. It was nice to have people over. I want to have a house warming but Justin doesn't seem that keen and it sounds like our neighbours will have one before us, she did say to me ages ago to wait until they moved in so we have and she said we are better to organise it ourselves but that was about as far as we got. I don't know who to invite, whether to have it as an afternoon tea thing or a evening bbq. So it will probably be like our engagement party, never happen.
I got some quotes for prices to take the kids to the gold coast in July. Holy cow, its not cheap is it. Justin hasn't looked at them yet but he doesn't even sound keen. we should just chip away at our mortgage was one of his comments. It is kinda of role reversal as I am normal the one who doesn't want to spend any money!
I did try and scrapbook the other week and finally managed to finish my page i started a wee while ago. My desk is just not big enough though, so I am using that as an excuse at the moment!
Other than that not a whole lot of exciting stuff happening here, how about you? What have you been up to, feel free to leave a comment.
Take care all

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well time for another weekly update, lets see what has happened since then.
  • Justin had his birthday which I splashed out and brought him a ipod nano (which turned out to be faulty) We made him wait all day and gave him some fake presents in the morning, like a bottle of coke, and his computer chair wrapped in ribbon. I think he is pretty happy with it, he didn't exactly show that much emotion considering he should know how much of a big thing it was for me to spend that much.
  • We brought some trees for our garden and planted them, quite amazing how it makes it look different with a few plants.
  • Laura has had dance this week and it has been stressing me out and she wants to do it competivitley but that means three classes and lots of $$$ but its not so much that it is more the fact that it is all the way in town! They do have a sister that teaches in dunsandel but getting the information for that is hopeless. she was suppose to email last night but still hasn't the class is tonight!
  • Justin and I went out with a another couple last night for tea for Valentines Day (really just an excuse to go out) we went to Lone Star at church corner. It was okay, I struggled thru my meal but ate most of it.
  • the rest of the week I was working.

That pretty much sums up my week. How about you? I have added Allyson Bright Meyer to the blogs I visit side bar she is running a some great competitons at the moment. I haven't done any scrapping for ages, I have a few ideas for some pages I want to do or actually more about what I want to say on them just not sure how to do them and really just haven't been in the mood or had the energy. well thats all from me


Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is the children in their new uniforms just before I took them to their new school on Monday. It was exciting and nervous time for all of us I think. Laura felt a little weird as the school has just brought in a new uniform and of course only a few were wearing it so everyone kinda kept looking at her. alexander's isn't that much different to the current one really so it wasn't so bad for him. Laura knew one girl in her class that use to go to the same dance group as she did so that was nice. alexander was buddied up with a boy, not to sure how that went as when I got home and asked how it all went and if he played with him at lunch it was a no. Both responed to 'how was your day?', with a "good" and that was it!!! I bascially had to interogate them to get any information. Then when Justin asked them the exact same thing they said 'good' again. Obviously didn't learn the first time.

What else has been happening well I had a job interview the other week which was fantastic and I didn't think I was really bothered if I didn't get it or not you know the whole change and comfort thing but when she rang on Friday to say no, I was a little disappointed but I knew why as I didn't have enough experience in that industry and she bascially said the other two had more experience.(there were two vacanices) It would have been a great opportunity and I kinda the whole timing thing was perfect but I guess not. I should be grateful I got an interview. Out of 43 they interviewed 16.

Work has been work, I am hoping to change my role and hours so instead of being a saleperson I will be a merchandiser. I am hoping it will give me more time at home, and means I it will be more convenient. I am having the whole working and being a Mum issue at the moment. I just feel like I am never here really, not that the kids seem to mind all they are interested in is the TV or computer!

Well that is all I have a whole list of things to do before I head to work and I have only done 2 of them, including this one. Hope all is well, would love to hear from you all.


Friday, February 1, 2008

Last real day of school hoildays and I offered to take the kids to the beach or pool but they weren't interested. I so want to go to the beach, I haven't been all summer and thought the kids would love it. they had so much fun last year but no they weren't keen. Then had the fantastic idea of taking a picnic tea and meeting Justin at the beach or even a pool but of course he is exactly the same as the kids and wasn't keen. So we did nothing!!! well we did some shovelling of stones, or I did and some dirt for abit this morning and after lunch we went and picked up the kids new school uniforms. The school has just introduced a new uniform and it does look better than the old one but it was an expensive mission, I still need to get Alexander some black shoes but I will do that tomorrow. we walked down to the school to get the uniforms and it was hot and windy so I offered to go via the supermarket on the way home to get an ice block and the kids even turned that down. Now that is weird I mean its not often I offer to buy an ice-block and for them to turn it down? What's up with that?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photo 14 of clouds taken from my back yard.

So much for regular updates, huh? Well my excuse is we have had Internet connection problems as in it takes forever to do anything, it was so frustrating that I just couldn't be bothered going on the computer. it is all fixed now hopefully! I haven't been doing so well on my photo a day either, I always remember once i am tucked up in bed,it is hard to take different photos each day as well but I am going to continue to try and went to take one tonight but the camera needs charging.

Have had a busy weekend which was nice for a change. A family reunion that happens at this time every year from my dad's side of the family. I don't really know any of them that well except one family as they are around my age and have kids. It was nice to see them, the kids had all grown heaps, we haven't been for a couple of years so there was even some new children!!!

then I had a bus trip with work which had a theme and I wasn't really sure I was going until the day before so my outfit was very last minute (dressing up was not compulsory) but not bad and we all had a good night. Mine was ruined by a grumpy bouncer who refused me entry and destroyed my drivers license even more than it was. He was just really rude and hey I am 32 for god's sake. He wouldn't even let me show him other ID, not that I had any but that's beside the point. The 18 year old got in no problem. yes other bouncers checked my ID and I was flattered as they handed it back to me and let me thru but this guy was just plain rude and I understand he was doing his job but there is no need to have such a bad attitude. Other than that it was a good night, with a few drinks and lots of dancing!!

If you are reading this Shelley tell Colin I was thinking of him on his birthday and hope he had a great day and no I didn't forget him!!!

well I am off to get some ZZ's just thought I should give you all a little update. take care hope you are all well and to hear from you soon!!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello there, how are you all??? well all two of you that actually read my blog anyway. I am okay had one of those days where you want to do something but nothing ever happens. It was a beautiful hot day although still windy here in Rolleston, did I mention that it is always windy out here. well it is. Darn annoying really and the fact that we still can't go on our drive or patio and we still have mounds of dirt in our back yard but good things take time they say.
So my whole Cherish word thing isn't really happening for me, I guess all the more reason to hang onto it.
Justin spent all day working on getting his movie screen up with the help of one of his friends. It is still not finished as when they went to put the projector up the screws they had were to short, and they didn't make it to the local hardware store until 5 minutes after it closed!!! They did try Justin's Dad but he wasn't home, so I think they are going to finish it tomorrow. Back to work tomorrow!
Yesterday we didn't do anything really, cleaned up from Thursday night as we had our first official dinner guests. We had our monthly dinner with my cousin Amelia and her family. It was so cute when they arrived Laura and Alexander went outside to meet them and bring them thru the back door and Isobel gave Laura a big hug. So cute, little kids are just adorable. so our theme this time was kids choice and they chose pizza, and ice cream sundaes and jelly. great for us as that was easy. we got takeaway pizza and ice cream sundaes are easy as and they tasted good too, chocolate topping that goes hard, m&ms and ice cream. Yum. we also played Cranium which I got Laura for Christmas. It was abit old for the other kids but Laura and Brenna ( Alexander wasn't interested) helped play. It was long but fun. It would be great fun with a few more adults too. It was a good night the only down part was I put the kids on the floor to eat as we didn't have enough chairs (big table but not enough chairs for all the kids) but I didn't make the mat big enough and we did have one little bit of chocolate on the carpet but no biggie we managed to get it out. Hey it isn't going to stay new forever right??
Our neighbours to be (Justin and Rebeca) came around with their kids on Friday to see their house and I ended up giving the kids lunch as it was lunch time, I offered Rebeca and Justin some but they declined. Then the guy who was suppose to come yesterday to do the quote for the levelling of the back yard came. After that the kids and I were going to go for a bike ride but Miss Laura who doesn't sleep during the day decided to have a nap, well I found her asleep on the couch and she had a good nap too!! when she finally did wake up we went to find the Rolleston dairy as they courier had left a card in our letter box as he didn't go to the back door or no one heard him so we had to go and pick it up from there. That is basically what I have been up to and hanging out on the internet. wasting time really. How about you all what have you been up to??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay here are six photos that I have taken as part of the 356 challenge that Ali Edwards mentioned on her blog I have even tried to do the whole moasic thing that she does as it looks cool. It is amazing what you pick up from peoples blogs and the internet in general.

1the view from the window in our bedroom at the moment. 2&3 are my scrap supplies all set up in there new home and tidy. 4 the book I just finished. 5 Laura's puzzle that we did which seemed to take longer than alexander's even though it was slighty smaller. 6 the family on their bikes going up the hill which is at the back on the new development.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Okay so I have missed a couple of days but you really haven't missed much and I have managed to take a photo a day, hey I even took more than one. Alexander and I went over to the hill behind our house on our bikes and it was kinda freaky but fun. Justin was suppose to go with him but didn't so on Saturday morning we all went over except I took the camera instead of a bike. Now I thought since I already had some photos of Alexander that I took the day before I would focus on Justin and Laura which of course meant I missed it when Alexander crashed his new bike( he took his old one the first time we went) when he went down. I managed to get one of him lying on the ground although it shows his hand trying to shut me out!!! He didn't brake anything but was quite shaken and sore. Justin was like your okay come don't be a baby. I gave my baby some love and eventually managed to coax him into getting back up and going down the hill even if it was only once. He was ready to go home after that. so that was yesterday, today when the kids eventually woke up, yes because I had plans they slept in! Not that it mattered what time we went. Alexander was unusually quiet the whole morning. So because I am on holiday which meant I didn't have to go to work today we went to the Riccarton Market as I haven't been in ages. It was busy as but other than some, good smelling take away food which we didn't buy there wasn't that much there.Okay some nice art and plants and fresh fruit not alot that interested us. so we headed to hornby to do the shopping but decided that we should look at dressmart for some shoes for Alexander.He is just as fussy as Laura when it comes to buying shoes but we did manage to get him some, Justin got some shorts and Laura a t-shirt. then we got groceries, I can't believe how dare some things are these days. I was wondering why I was hungry turns out it was almost 2pm. Home and lunch!!!
was quietly reading my book which I just started last night, when I hear the kids yelling at each other so decide that it is time to turn the TV off and get them outside for abit. So I tell them to go get there shoes and bikes we are going around to get grandmas mail since we didn't get it yesterday. Well Laura tells me she doesn't want to go and she didn't anything. I respond with I don't care your coming anyway. Well that's when the big sulk starts, she goes as slow as possible which of course just makes me madder so I eventually warn her that I will take the computer and tv privileges away from her but this doesn't help she continues to sulk all the way there and half way home. I did succeed at getting them outside though and we watered the raspberries and the potatoes where looking a bit witlered so I tried to water them too, the hose was a bit short.
finished my book.
cooked tea, let Laura make the waffles for pudding to help redeem herself, although she still hasn't apologised yet she did manage to ask when she would be allowed to watch the tv again.

Okay that's all for now, more photos to follow later it as I need my beauty sleep.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It was a lovely and hot day today and I wasn't working either but both the kids weren't here so we didn't really do anything, except house stuff, finished sorting the stuff in the garage, cleaned the bathrooms, ours was filthy already! we decided to go for a bike ride but my tyres were flat and the pump we have doesn't have an attachment that fits my bike. so I reluctantly rode Alexander's new bike! I felt silly and Justin was kind enough to tell me I looked funny too. Luckily no cameras around. As as we left we got a text to say that Mum and Dad were dropping Alexander back home as he didn't want to go into town. So it was just a short ride, although Alexander and I headed down to the supermarket on our bikes to get some chili beans for our nachos but we went via Grandmas to check the strawberries but still not quite ready. We also watered the raspberries as they looked like they could do with it. I also managed to get my scrap supplies put in the study (4th bedroom although no room for a bed)i have a small desk and all my stuff is tidily away. I took a photo since it looks all neat as once I scrap it won't be. I make a big mess as I have to pull everything out to decide what goes best and that takes a while too. It will also count for a photo today but I'm not going to upload right now. I am off to bed as I have to get up at about 7 and play with Alexander.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

welcome to 2008!!
Have just been reading Ali Edwards post see link at the side as I can't seem to get it to go here. blog and love her one word ideas and the 365 day project,just not to sure I could keep up(I was doing this see Emily's link at the side there)weekly challenge but fell way behind and still haven't caught up.
As for a word for the year...last year I couldn't decide on patience or happy (less grumpy) so didn't really pick one, this year I like play/enjoy/cherish play more with the kids, in general. Enjoy my lovely children, new house, scrapping the outdoors and cherish is pretty much the same as enjoy but to cherish my friends, family the great outdoors and the opportunties that life throws at us. Actually I think I'll go with cherish as it covers everything and flows nicely!!!!
Work was pretty quiet today, lots of people recovering from last night I guess, I know a few of our staff were. I went around to Mum and Dad's after work today to collect more of our stuff, I didn't realise there was quite so much junk left there. I also grabbed all my scrapbooking supplies, well they brought some out on their way to the farm. They also took our children too as they are catching up with my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow night so laura wanted to go and see them. alexander wasn't to keen at first but I think he realised it would be more fun than being by himself, as in no Laura to play with.
Okay here are two pictures of our new house, firstly is the front with our new drive which we can't go on yet:

and secondly this is our bedroom with our cool new duvet cover, well I think it looks cool.