Friday, September 12, 2008

I never did get back to update but doesn't mean I didn't think of you all. I often think up what to write on here but it just never gets here. Like lots of things I guess. Today I could have scrapped but did I? No!!! I did some cleaning, baked a banana cake got the pizza dough ready for tomorrow nights tea, had lunch, did some washing, then when the kids came home and it was a beautiful afternoon I did some gardening, played some soccer with the kids (next doors kids were here too) and then washed my car. I did look at some photos and cleared my desk to scrap but that is as close as I got! It was funny looking at some old photos of me when I was a kid, there a couple there that I look so cute but if I knew how I would fix in photoshop as the photo itself isn't the greatest. Speaking of I just changed two photos of the kids into black and white which I hope to print off and do a layout about each of them, the photos are from their birthdays. they are the just so lovely and black and white photos look really cool. I did see on Cathy's blog she uses some cool actions on all her photos but it was easy enough to do in photoshop, although I did still adjust the one of Laura a little bit. I suppose you all want to see them then, hold on lets see......... first up is Laura
and not to be left out here is Alexander

Laura's tooth fell out this week, it had been stuck there for a little bit right at the top of her mouth. the tooth fairy didn't come! I think it came today while she was at school as there was $2 where she had apparently put her tooth when she got home. funny aye. Well everyone is here so I better go and get ready for tomorrow's class with Nic Howard. I just checked my email and Laura's dance which is normally just down the road from where Scrapbook art, is now at Burwood which is not in the centre of town where I will be!! arghhh. Oh well these things happen. Night all.

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