Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Photo 14 of clouds taken from my back yard.

So much for regular updates, huh? Well my excuse is we have had Internet connection problems as in it takes forever to do anything, it was so frustrating that I just couldn't be bothered going on the computer. it is all fixed now hopefully! I haven't been doing so well on my photo a day either, I always remember once i am tucked up in bed,it is hard to take different photos each day as well but I am going to continue to try and went to take one tonight but the camera needs charging.

Have had a busy weekend which was nice for a change. A family reunion that happens at this time every year from my dad's side of the family. I don't really know any of them that well except one family as they are around my age and have kids. It was nice to see them, the kids had all grown heaps, we haven't been for a couple of years so there was even some new children!!!

then I had a bus trip with work which had a theme and I wasn't really sure I was going until the day before so my outfit was very last minute (dressing up was not compulsory) but not bad and we all had a good night. Mine was ruined by a grumpy bouncer who refused me entry and destroyed my drivers license even more than it was. He was just really rude and hey I am 32 for god's sake. He wouldn't even let me show him other ID, not that I had any but that's beside the point. The 18 year old got in no problem. yes other bouncers checked my ID and I was flattered as they handed it back to me and let me thru but this guy was just plain rude and I understand he was doing his job but there is no need to have such a bad attitude. Other than that it was a good night, with a few drinks and lots of dancing!!

If you are reading this Shelley tell Colin I was thinking of him on his birthday and hope he had a great day and no I didn't forget him!!!

well I am off to get some ZZ's just thought I should give you all a little update. take care hope you are all well and to hear from you soon!!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello there, how are you all??? well all two of you that actually read my blog anyway. I am okay had one of those days where you want to do something but nothing ever happens. It was a beautiful hot day although still windy here in Rolleston, did I mention that it is always windy out here. well it is. Darn annoying really and the fact that we still can't go on our drive or patio and we still have mounds of dirt in our back yard but good things take time they say.
So my whole Cherish word thing isn't really happening for me, I guess all the more reason to hang onto it.
Justin spent all day working on getting his movie screen up with the help of one of his friends. It is still not finished as when they went to put the projector up the screws they had were to short, and they didn't make it to the local hardware store until 5 minutes after it closed!!! They did try Justin's Dad but he wasn't home, so I think they are going to finish it tomorrow. Back to work tomorrow!
Yesterday we didn't do anything really, cleaned up from Thursday night as we had our first official dinner guests. We had our monthly dinner with my cousin Amelia and her family. It was so cute when they arrived Laura and Alexander went outside to meet them and bring them thru the back door and Isobel gave Laura a big hug. So cute, little kids are just adorable. so our theme this time was kids choice and they chose pizza, and ice cream sundaes and jelly. great for us as that was easy. we got takeaway pizza and ice cream sundaes are easy as and they tasted good too, chocolate topping that goes hard, m&ms and ice cream. Yum. we also played Cranium which I got Laura for Christmas. It was abit old for the other kids but Laura and Brenna ( Alexander wasn't interested) helped play. It was long but fun. It would be great fun with a few more adults too. It was a good night the only down part was I put the kids on the floor to eat as we didn't have enough chairs (big table but not enough chairs for all the kids) but I didn't make the mat big enough and we did have one little bit of chocolate on the carpet but no biggie we managed to get it out. Hey it isn't going to stay new forever right??
Our neighbours to be (Justin and Rebeca) came around with their kids on Friday to see their house and I ended up giving the kids lunch as it was lunch time, I offered Rebeca and Justin some but they declined. Then the guy who was suppose to come yesterday to do the quote for the levelling of the back yard came. After that the kids and I were going to go for a bike ride but Miss Laura who doesn't sleep during the day decided to have a nap, well I found her asleep on the couch and she had a good nap too!! when she finally did wake up we went to find the Rolleston dairy as they courier had left a card in our letter box as he didn't go to the back door or no one heard him so we had to go and pick it up from there. That is basically what I have been up to and hanging out on the internet. wasting time really. How about you all what have you been up to??

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Okay here are six photos that I have taken as part of the 356 challenge that Ali Edwards mentioned on her blog I have even tried to do the whole moasic thing that she does as it looks cool. It is amazing what you pick up from peoples blogs and the internet in general.

1the view from the window in our bedroom at the moment. 2&3 are my scrap supplies all set up in there new home and tidy. 4 the book I just finished. 5 Laura's puzzle that we did which seemed to take longer than alexander's even though it was slighty smaller. 6 the family on their bikes going up the hill which is at the back on the new development.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Okay so I have missed a couple of days but you really haven't missed much and I have managed to take a photo a day, hey I even took more than one. Alexander and I went over to the hill behind our house on our bikes and it was kinda freaky but fun. Justin was suppose to go with him but didn't so on Saturday morning we all went over except I took the camera instead of a bike. Now I thought since I already had some photos of Alexander that I took the day before I would focus on Justin and Laura which of course meant I missed it when Alexander crashed his new bike( he took his old one the first time we went) when he went down. I managed to get one of him lying on the ground although it shows his hand trying to shut me out!!! He didn't brake anything but was quite shaken and sore. Justin was like your okay come don't be a baby. I gave my baby some love and eventually managed to coax him into getting back up and going down the hill even if it was only once. He was ready to go home after that. so that was yesterday, today when the kids eventually woke up, yes because I had plans they slept in! Not that it mattered what time we went. Alexander was unusually quiet the whole morning. So because I am on holiday which meant I didn't have to go to work today we went to the Riccarton Market as I haven't been in ages. It was busy as but other than some, good smelling take away food which we didn't buy there wasn't that much there.Okay some nice art and plants and fresh fruit not alot that interested us. so we headed to hornby to do the shopping but decided that we should look at dressmart for some shoes for Alexander.He is just as fussy as Laura when it comes to buying shoes but we did manage to get him some, Justin got some shorts and Laura a t-shirt. then we got groceries, I can't believe how dare some things are these days. I was wondering why I was hungry turns out it was almost 2pm. Home and lunch!!!
was quietly reading my book which I just started last night, when I hear the kids yelling at each other so decide that it is time to turn the TV off and get them outside for abit. So I tell them to go get there shoes and bikes we are going around to get grandmas mail since we didn't get it yesterday. Well Laura tells me she doesn't want to go and she didn't anything. I respond with I don't care your coming anyway. Well that's when the big sulk starts, she goes as slow as possible which of course just makes me madder so I eventually warn her that I will take the computer and tv privileges away from her but this doesn't help she continues to sulk all the way there and half way home. I did succeed at getting them outside though and we watered the raspberries and the potatoes where looking a bit witlered so I tried to water them too, the hose was a bit short.
finished my book.
cooked tea, let Laura make the waffles for pudding to help redeem herself, although she still hasn't apologised yet she did manage to ask when she would be allowed to watch the tv again.

Okay that's all for now, more photos to follow later it as I need my beauty sleep.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It was a lovely and hot day today and I wasn't working either but both the kids weren't here so we didn't really do anything, except house stuff, finished sorting the stuff in the garage, cleaned the bathrooms, ours was filthy already! we decided to go for a bike ride but my tyres were flat and the pump we have doesn't have an attachment that fits my bike. so I reluctantly rode Alexander's new bike! I felt silly and Justin was kind enough to tell me I looked funny too. Luckily no cameras around. As as we left we got a text to say that Mum and Dad were dropping Alexander back home as he didn't want to go into town. So it was just a short ride, although Alexander and I headed down to the supermarket on our bikes to get some chili beans for our nachos but we went via Grandmas to check the strawberries but still not quite ready. We also watered the raspberries as they looked like they could do with it. I also managed to get my scrap supplies put in the study (4th bedroom although no room for a bed)i have a small desk and all my stuff is tidily away. I took a photo since it looks all neat as once I scrap it won't be. I make a big mess as I have to pull everything out to decide what goes best and that takes a while too. It will also count for a photo today but I'm not going to upload right now. I am off to bed as I have to get up at about 7 and play with Alexander.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

welcome to 2008!!
Have just been reading Ali Edwards post see link at the side as I can't seem to get it to go here. blog and love her one word ideas and the 365 day project,just not to sure I could keep up(I was doing this see Emily's link at the side there)weekly challenge but fell way behind and still haven't caught up.
As for a word for the year...last year I couldn't decide on patience or happy (less grumpy) so didn't really pick one, this year I like play/enjoy/cherish play more with the kids, in general. Enjoy my lovely children, new house, scrapping the outdoors and cherish is pretty much the same as enjoy but to cherish my friends, family the great outdoors and the opportunties that life throws at us. Actually I think I'll go with cherish as it covers everything and flows nicely!!!!
Work was pretty quiet today, lots of people recovering from last night I guess, I know a few of our staff were. I went around to Mum and Dad's after work today to collect more of our stuff, I didn't realise there was quite so much junk left there. I also grabbed all my scrapbooking supplies, well they brought some out on their way to the farm. They also took our children too as they are catching up with my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow night so laura wanted to go and see them. alexander wasn't to keen at first but I think he realised it would be more fun than being by himself, as in no Laura to play with.
Okay here are two pictures of our new house, firstly is the front with our new drive which we can't go on yet:

and secondly this is our bedroom with our cool new duvet cover, well I think it looks cool.