Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

welcome to 2008!!
Have just been reading Ali Edwards post see link at the side as I can't seem to get it to go here. blog and love her one word ideas and the 365 day project,just not to sure I could keep up(I was doing this see Emily's link at the side there)weekly challenge but fell way behind and still haven't caught up.
As for a word for the year...last year I couldn't decide on patience or happy (less grumpy) so didn't really pick one, this year I like play/enjoy/cherish play more with the kids, in general. Enjoy my lovely children, new house, scrapping the outdoors and cherish is pretty much the same as enjoy but to cherish my friends, family the great outdoors and the opportunties that life throws at us. Actually I think I'll go with cherish as it covers everything and flows nicely!!!!
Work was pretty quiet today, lots of people recovering from last night I guess, I know a few of our staff were. I went around to Mum and Dad's after work today to collect more of our stuff, I didn't realise there was quite so much junk left there. I also grabbed all my scrapbooking supplies, well they brought some out on their way to the farm. They also took our children too as they are catching up with my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow night so laura wanted to go and see them. alexander wasn't to keen at first but I think he realised it would be more fun than being by himself, as in no Laura to play with.
Okay here are two pictures of our new house, firstly is the front with our new drive which we can't go on yet:

and secondly this is our bedroom with our cool new duvet cover, well I think it looks cool.

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