Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laura was in the jump jam team at school and her team made it to the nationals which happened to be held here in Christchurch yesterday.Her team looked good and they did their routine really well they were in time and it was the best I have seen them do it. They didn't get placed in the top 5 but they did really well and should be proud of themselves. I think the judges must've had a really hard job as all the teams where really good. I also think the song has alot to do with it as well.

I spent all day Friday pretty much snoozing on the couch. I would have gone back to bed when I got home from the gym but we had someone coming to look at the leaky tap and the oven. Not sure why I didn't feel sick just my eyes hurt and wanted to stay closed for abit. Maybe the late night I had on Wednesday when I went out to dinner to farewell our visual merchandiser from work was catching up with me. it was a good night out though, it was just us four girls and it I really enjoyed it.

I start my new role at work on Monday even though I haven't signed a new contract or anything, they have replaced me already as well! which is great but a tad sad as well. So from tomorrow I will be the store's new visual merchandiser! I was suppose to go for training at another store but since I have a day off in the middle of the week to take Justin in for a procedure I am going the following week.

We went to the fireworks held here at Rolleston last night and man was it cold!!! the fireworks were good though and it was a reasonable stroll home! Okay better go hope all is well with everyone take care.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well I typed up a big long post last week but then decided it was more than you really needed to know. Here's the short version. Interesting week at work. Lots of stock and even less staff than normal! 2 days there were us 2 merchandisers for two days and then the next day it was me and one salesperson. I am pretty happy with our dept though because even though we have been short on staff for the last month we aren't looking to bad. yes there is abit of stock out the back but I think we have done well. The interesting part hasn't been finalised yet but I am about to take on a new challenge which I am both excited and scared about. It will mean moving out of my dept and my comfort zone but thanks to the support of other staff members and friends I accepted the role.
On other news we have been out to dinner the last two weekends, I love eating out not so much the bill but you only live once as my Mum and Justin say! We went to the Greek restaurant Costa's. I had the most delicious steak, it reminded me of when I was in Paraguay for some reason. Dessert was okay I had the balavka, it was rich and sweet. the weekend before I wasn't really keen on a lot on the menu (unlike this week where I had to much to choose from) but dessert was easy and yummy. Okay better go as I have to take Laura to dance.