Sunday, February 15, 2009

I went and looked at wedding dresses yesterday with my good friend/cousin Amelia. I was hoping it would inspire me/us to make a definite decision on a date to get married. Did it? Not really, as we could decide what dress looked best. I tried on about 12 dresses. Amelia managed to get photos of me on her phone except for the first one I tried on and we looked it up online when we got home and thought it looked way different on me but since we don't have the photo to prove it we don't know. After a while all the dresses look the same and they certainly looked different in the photos to what they felt like on. So now I have just spent an hour looking at venues online and am now completely depressed! It all costs so much, I mean it would be lovely to get married here or in rarotonga and both have pros and cons but it is all far to much decision making for me! I don't want to spend heaps just for one day but I don't want something tacky either, you know??