Monday, July 28, 2008

an actually weekend, yes I Saturday and Sunday off, well that is if you don't count the 2 hours at the post office, but it did mean I did have Sunday off which I don't usually get. I ended up working Friday you see although it turned out they didn't really need me there but hey it worked for me!!!
Didn't really get up to much though, we did go out on Sunday as Alexander needed new school shoes but he didn't come as he had organised to go to a friends house and well he hasn't ever gone to a friends before so we couldn't say no. He did really well out of the whole thing actually, he got new shoes some extra rugby shorts ($5) and a new duvet cover all without even being there!! He did miss out on Subway for lunch though, which was great although they need to make a 8-10 inch one as I can eat a 6 no problems but the 12 is a struggle but you know how I hate wasted food. I could've saved it for later but it wouldn't have been the same. Laura had her first real one as well, I think she has had a basic kids ham one before but this time she had one like us minus a few things of course. She enjoyed it too and said thanks about 3 times I think.LOL
I did want to do one of the challenge that are about but well I don't have enough Hero Arts stamps to make a cool wrap around card like what is required this week. Click here to see them.
The Friday night challenge at the Sketchbook was to do a seasonal layout but I didn't really have any photos printed that were suitable, so I spent a long time trying to upload some photos so that I can get them printed, still haven't finished. I did manage to start a layout with an extra photo I had of Alexander's birthday last year, which I just need to finish. It is so good when you have a sketch to work from and it all just comes together. the page hasn't really taken that long, choosing the background colour probably took the longest!! Okay enough rambling for now. Hope everyone is having a good day and talk to you soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey there, what's up?? Well another weekend has been and gone, gosh its mid week already. Not alot exciting happened here on the weekend. Alexander had rugby on Saturday morning and we were lying in bed listening to the rain pour down thinking it won't be on, and kinda waiting for the phone to ring to say it was off but it didn't and it stopped raining by the time he played. It was a such a good game from both teams that it was a draw. The coach was pretty impressed, and wanted to know what some of them had for breakfast!!

Came home made some lunch, whipped up some pizzas, yummy too. Then I tried to scrap the photos that have been on my desk for the last month or so but couldn't find any two pieces of card stock in the colour that I wanted as I was doing a double layout and then remembered that Scappin Patch who are sponsoring the Friday night challenges on the sketch book are local. So I looked up to see exactly where they were and what time they closed. so off I went armed with my two pieces of card stock hoping to match them up. Found the place easy enough, and even managed to match my card stock up straight away, but I didn't leave straight away as there was some really cool stuff to look at. Of course you know me I didn't buy anything, although I was tempted. well actually I did grab a white glaze pen and a piece of pattern paper that was on special that I can use on my layout. I must say that the service was lovely and friendly and not pushy, as I often go into a scrap shop and just look but leave feeling a little awkward since i didn't buy anything or only one little thing, didn't get that here.

Funny thing is though, I didn't end up finishing my layout as I helped Laura wrap the girl next door's birthday present and then watched a movie with Justin. I did stamp on the wrapping paper to make it more girly and interesting. It was stripey and I added some flowers., looked cool. I also did my nieces paper while I was there since her brothers present will be wrapped in the same stripey paper.

Laura is dancing today all day, she is been at a dancing thing at school all day till 4:30 then she has dance from 6pm till 7:30pm. they have changed the time this term and the venue which makes it a little trickier for us, although it does mean I get some more time at home so I can get a few things sorted like updating my blog. Just means dinner for Laura and I will be later.

Okay better liven this up with a picture lets see...
.... this is a card I made the other day using Heidi grace clear stamps, Stampin Up cool Caribbean ink, black ink and some scraps of card stock.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it isn't good when you have to check your own blog to see when you last posted! It's not like anything exciting has been happening. It is the school holidays at the moment, but I still have work so the kids are booked into a programme for the first week but only Alexander has gone as Laura is sick so she went to the lovely neighbour's house on Monday and to Grandma's today and tomorrow as even though she feels a little better they are off swimming tomorrow so that's not gonna happen for her. I am about to take Alexander to rugby practice which is gonna be freezing. He didn't have a game last weekend as all rugby was cancelled due to the weather. It snowed again, I was hoping it would keep going and settle so I wouldn't have to go to work on Sunday but no such luck. There was quite abit on the ground ( I didn't take any photos this time and I think it was more snow than last time) but then it rained again and it was all gone. Laura did go to dance on Saturday and she also had a private lesson to learn more for her solo dance routine, of course she hasn't been up to practising this week though. I went to the gym again and did the step class again, the guy that normally takes it was there this week. I didn't have as sore legs this week but I still didn't get half the moves. To many going around in cirlces this week! Still was quite funny. work is work, I did manage to get some more toys out and have had a little help with them the last few days so am quite pleased as the pile has gone down quite considerably. Well that is all I have time for.