Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally got around to posting this photo of Alexander with Tim Bateman and Thomas Waldrom from when they came out to practise at the Rolleston clubrooms, with all the kids. Tim was great at giving the kids tips and how to's. He even asked alexander his name when he went up to get his autograph, so not only does he have great rugby skills but social skills too! well done and lets just hope the crusaders can win some games!!

On Saturday night the kids were outside playing (oh yes you heard right outside!) then the next thing Alexander comes in groaning, he had fallen out of the tree they were playing in, I am still not sure which tree as we don't have any so it must be in the old paddocks to the side of us anyway I come out to see what the noise is about and holy cow look what he has done!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

I went and looked at wedding dresses yesterday with my good friend/cousin Amelia. I was hoping it would inspire me/us to make a definite decision on a date to get married. Did it? Not really, as we could decide what dress looked best. I tried on about 12 dresses. Amelia managed to get photos of me on her phone except for the first one I tried on and we looked it up online when we got home and thought it looked way different on me but since we don't have the photo to prove it we don't know. After a while all the dresses look the same and they certainly looked different in the photos to what they felt like on. So now I have just spent an hour looking at venues online and am now completely depressed! It all costs so much, I mean it would be lovely to get married here or in rarotonga and both have pros and cons but it is all far to much decision making for me! I don't want to spend heaps just for one day but I don't want something tacky either, you know??

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I am not getting any better at posting on here am I? Not that it matters since no one reads it!!!!
Laura started high school this week! I was not around in the morning or the afternoon to see her since I am at work before she leaves and not back until after she gets home. It sucks at times like this, well actually at the moment it is like that all the time but that is another story. We only just got Laura's skirt the day before and that is only because i rang to see what was happening to which they didn't really know so put one aside for us. When we got there the next day the one they had put away was to big luckily they had some others back in stock but I don't think the actual size she needed it just means she can grow out a couple of inches or so. At the time i thought the hem was abit cheap as it was just overlocked then when Laura got home from her first day a teacher told her that it was to long and should be above her knee. so guess what I did all afternoon. It has a box like pleat at the front and I had to take a huge amount up but didn't want to cut it so it all took forever and a bit of unpicking and restitching. It is not fantastic but unless some kind person offers to fix it that is the way it is staying! Am I wrong it thinking the people at the shop should have mentioned the skirt needed to be that length? I guess I was just not impressed with the service overall. It didn't help that the first time we went there they were closed even though on the yellow pages web site it said they were open until 5:30 and the sign it the window said 5:15 and it was 5:05 and no one was there and we had driven in all the way from Rolleston.
Weather here has been great, even with a few cooler days this week it is lovely and hot today!! We stoned the front of the garden in front of the garage this morning. They are suppose to be black but you can only see them like that if the are wet, although the ones we saw are not wet all the time so obviously ours are different or it is that we don't have a different colour stone beside them to make them stand out. Who knows they look fine anyway.
Justin and I are off out tonight on a bus trip for a girl from my work for her 21st. How old are we gonna feel? I am looking forward to it and I am not. I just hope Justin doesn't get bored since he won't really know anyone and he is going to drive so..... I am sure it will be fine.
No thing happening on the wedding front still, I am back at looking at dresses I am trying to decide if I want to wear a traditional dress or something casual going on the assumption of an island wedding. there is this although it is actually a bridesmaids dress I quite like it.
or do I go for something more like this

Let me know what you think.
Well that is all I have time for at the moment until next time I hope everything is good with all of you and have a good night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to 2009

okay so I know we are already half way thru and really I have no real excuse for not blogging.

So Christmas has been and gone, the kids like their gifts. Laura got a magazine subscription to Creme and some clothes/PJ's. Alexander got a scooter, some tech deck and clothes/PJ's. Plus the family gift of the basketball hoop and ball. There is a little story to that too, we were looking and mitre 10 had them on special but when Justin went to get one it was to small so the only other place that had them was Kmart but it was alot dearer. So as I was lugging it up to the counter I asked the guy if it was the same as the one on display as it was the height I was after and he didn't really know but said yes it will just have a different picture on the board. So anyway I got it wrapped at the mall and brought it home. When Justin was putting it up it was the wrong height so I had to take it back! when I told them the girl seemed to think they didn't have any taller ones in stock, but then another guy came along and went and found one which happened to be one special so not only did I get a bigger (height) one but I got it for less $$$.

Christmas day was average, Mum and Dad had stayed Christmas eve ( i didn't get to bed until 12:30 and had been up since 3:20 and worked 7-7 at Farmers) and was awake on Christmas Day before anyone else, like I was up at 5:30-6am. we waited until 7am to wake Laura who had told us the night before not to wake her! Even Justin was up and showered before that and she still wasn't happy at us waking her up, sure signs of age!!

We had waffles for breakfast with fresh berries and yogurt and hazelnut spread, yum. Lunch was also at our house with Justin's family here. Everyone just brings a main and a dessert pretty causal affair really. Tea was just us here and I think we had something exciting like toasted sandwiches!!

Boxing Day and we had decided to head away with the Browns to Kurow, kinda last minute but good to get away if only for a few days, since I had to be back at work on Monday. Saturday I spent most of the day laying/sleeping as I felt like crap, sore eyes and just tired. it didn't stop me from hanging out with everyone, we went down with the boat and all the kids went on the biscuit which looked like great fun. I would have had a go if I felt better. I did manage to dip myself in the water after another snooze when we got back to the house. I was fine the next day and although it wasn't as warm as the previous it was still good and I went on the biscuit after Brownie had been. I didn't fall off but I think they were relatively nice to me although I did get airborne for a second or two! Justin even had a go after I had been on. All good fun, shame we had to come home.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

over a month

since I last posted! It has been fairly busy as you all know how this time of year can be. On Thursday Laura had her final dance concert although we have the awards thing this afternoon where we have to dress up like we are going to the Oscars. So I have been busy driving her to all her extra practices for the concerts. i would drive home open the garage door the kids would come out and we would go again ( I didn't even make it inside) and would get home about 7:30-8pm. So no time for blogging. The new job is okay there have been times when I am not sure what I am suppose to be doing. I think because I already worked there they just assume I am suppose to know what needs doing. We have also had the street Christmas party from which I didn't get home until 1am! I had to go to work at 7am the next morning, lets just say I was a bit slow. Interesting night though, I had fun anyway.
We have also had both our work dinners, mine was first and at Winnie bagoes in town on a Sunday night. Justin's was in Auckland at a place called Mecca stone house in mission bay. they flew us up for the night. It was a good night, Justin was quite happy when he came back from his meetings to get me for dinner. Then we didn't get to stay as we had to fly back as Laura's dance concert was the same weekend. She was there on Saturday from 10am till about 8:50pm and by the time we got home and to bed it was about 10pm. we went to the show on Sunday, it was pretty good, very long but good. Everyone has commented on how much Laura has improved and come out of her shell. She even had a one line singing solo! She was excited about it and nervous at the same time. She told me that the best show would be the Saturday night one as she wouldn't have anyone she knew watching it! Not sure if that was true or not, never did ask.
Alexander has been okay, actually he has been pretty quiet. I think the late nights have been a bit much for him. one day when we drove in he fell asleep and had a good hour's sleep in the back of my car until Justin picked him up after work. It is not surprising as he is up most mornings between 6-7am!
Christmas is fast approaching, we have a fake tree for the first time which the boys helped me put up (Laura was at her friends) It is a white one that I brought from work last year in the clearance sale. It sat in the middle of the floor for about a week until I got around to decorating it, as I wanted blue decorations which my Mum kindly donated! and I brought some as well. Managed to start and finish my shopping this week. I think I only have the parents to get something for. My Mum is the hardest. Okay so that is the shortened monthly catch up. what about all of you? What's been happening. You're all so quiet, I guess you have been busy too. Take care,

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laura was in the jump jam team at school and her team made it to the nationals which happened to be held here in Christchurch yesterday.Her team looked good and they did their routine really well they were in time and it was the best I have seen them do it. They didn't get placed in the top 5 but they did really well and should be proud of themselves. I think the judges must've had a really hard job as all the teams where really good. I also think the song has alot to do with it as well.

I spent all day Friday pretty much snoozing on the couch. I would have gone back to bed when I got home from the gym but we had someone coming to look at the leaky tap and the oven. Not sure why I didn't feel sick just my eyes hurt and wanted to stay closed for abit. Maybe the late night I had on Wednesday when I went out to dinner to farewell our visual merchandiser from work was catching up with me. it was a good night out though, it was just us four girls and it I really enjoyed it.

I start my new role at work on Monday even though I haven't signed a new contract or anything, they have replaced me already as well! which is great but a tad sad as well. So from tomorrow I will be the store's new visual merchandiser! I was suppose to go for training at another store but since I have a day off in the middle of the week to take Justin in for a procedure I am going the following week.

We went to the fireworks held here at Rolleston last night and man was it cold!!! the fireworks were good though and it was a reasonable stroll home! Okay better go hope all is well with everyone take care.