Tuesday, July 8, 2008

it isn't good when you have to check your own blog to see when you last posted! It's not like anything exciting has been happening. It is the school holidays at the moment, but I still have work so the kids are booked into a programme for the first week but only Alexander has gone as Laura is sick so she went to the lovely neighbour's house on Monday and to Grandma's today and tomorrow as even though she feels a little better they are off swimming tomorrow so that's not gonna happen for her. I am about to take Alexander to rugby practice which is gonna be freezing. He didn't have a game last weekend as all rugby was cancelled due to the weather. It snowed again, I was hoping it would keep going and settle so I wouldn't have to go to work on Sunday but no such luck. There was quite abit on the ground ( I didn't take any photos this time and I think it was more snow than last time) but then it rained again and it was all gone. Laura did go to dance on Saturday and she also had a private lesson to learn more for her solo dance routine, of course she hasn't been up to practising this week though. I went to the gym again and did the step class again, the guy that normally takes it was there this week. I didn't have as sore legs this week but I still didn't get half the moves. To many going around in cirlces this week! Still was quite funny. work is work, I did manage to get some more toys out and have had a little help with them the last few days so am quite pleased as the pile has gone down quite considerably. Well that is all I have time for.

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