Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy birthday Alexander!!

Hope you have a great 9th birthday today. Really he is just waiting for his present from us as I wasn't here this morning when he got up and now Justin is still at work. I did leave him a little one (underwear) and his card that I whipped up last night. He went ten-pin bowling with his friends on Saturday which was also my birthday and even though it started well, not that getting up at 3:30am is a good start to the day, although it is what I choose to do. The and I quote "gentlemen from RD6" gave me a funny card and a heap of chocolate! Like 4 boxes, 2 roses chocs and 2 scorched almonds. There goes the theory of eating better. After that the day was just like any other Saturday, took Laura to dance went to the gym where I decided to venture into the step class for something different. Let's just say I now have calf muscles. It was fun even though I looked like an uncoordinated ditz, and I certainly got a workout. Home had lunch, then all the 4 boys arrived and off we went back into town. They seemed to have fun, I was trying to take photos but it is very difficult as you can't really get in front of them when they are bowling and then whenever I tryed to take a photo one of them would put their heads in the way!! We took them to Burger King after the bowling and after that my day just went really downhill. I won't go into to details as its in the past now. Alexander's friends seem nice and it was good to finally put faces to names. I think they all had a good time, no one ate any cake though.
I must give a big thank you to my wonderful cousin (not that she reads this) who had me over for lunch on Friday and who also spoilt me for my birthday. She gave me some magazines, wine, hot chocolate, and favourites to relax and read them with. She also made a nice card which I accidentally left there. Lunch was lovely, we had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread finished off with chocolate cake and cream! as you know Justin's Mum took my shopping last Friday and also spoilt me, from them I got, underwear, slippers, warm pants,and measuring spoons. Yes measuring spoons, Monica from work couldn't believe I got measuring spoons for my birthday. and for those of you who know me well I didn't get cheap plastic ones either I went all out and got metal ones. So I think I did pretty well.
Well better go and see what the birthday boy is up to, playing on the PlayStation I think. hope all is well and talk to you all soon.

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