Friday, June 6, 2008

hi there

stranger, oh no wait that's me. well, no one really missed me anyway. No I haven't been off away somewhere exciting, but my Mum and Dad are. I think they are in the Scotland region at the moment. The kids not the family but the' grand kids' got a postcard yesterday from them and it had pubs of London on the front. funny!!! They sent it the day after they arrived in London so still early on in there trip. Mum has been having a few technical difficulties of getting into her email so haven't had any really, only one from Bev to say she couldn't get into her email. she has texted me and said they are having fun and the money is going way to fast on all the little extra excursions they are doing. I so wish I was there or somewhere on Holiday. here is trudging along nothing exciting to report really. We are doing one of our themed dinners tomorrow night the theme is Indian but the boys are cooking which means we are having takeaways! It is at our house and I haven't organised how I am going to do the table up yet, Amelia always has hers looking really cool like magazine cool! speaking of cool we went the Lincoln High School open night last night and it would be so cool to go back to school they have so many more options than what we did. I think she will go there, as we haven't looked at any other schools and it is easier to send her there as she wants to go, as that is where most of the kids from her school are going. The highlight of the night was probably the fire bell that rang and everyone had to evacuate. It was actually a shame as the art teacher was just showing us around the art studios, yes studios they had about 3-4 rooms , one was for graphics I think but it all looked so cool. Not sure if Laura is going to do art but I would if I was going, not that I have any artistic bones but oh well it would be nice to dream.
One of my favourite scrapbookers/cardmakers has set a sketch challenge on Megan's new sketchbook site(click on the link to take a look) and I am just having trouble deciding what colour to have my background, I have all my photos ready to go and thanks to the sketch know where to lay them out just can't decide on the green or brown/natural background. I have left them on both and then come back to look at it but still can't decide. actually I think I might go green for something different, maybe.
Okay I had better stop rambling here and go make up some journalling for my page so I can finish it that's the aim to finish my page today, so check back later to see if I have!!!

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