Thursday, June 26, 2008

we still haven't done our Indian dinner as poor old Amelia hasn't been well or Chloe either. I am catching up with them tomorrow for lunch which will be nice. I kept meaning to send her a get well card but never got there, I haven't got to anything lately. there won't be any time this weekend either. What with rugby and dance in the morning, then we are taking four (well hopefully 4 I have only heard from 2 but then again I haven't been home) ten pin bowling for Alexander's birthday which is on Monday. Oh I don't think I told you all he scored his first try last weekend at rugby! Woohoo. He was quite proud, it was the first thing he told me when I got home from dance with Laura last week. Well actually he said guess what I did today at rugby?
I did however get mail this week. One from Mum and Dad and one from Susan, who as it turns out had a wee baby girl yesterday, so congratulations to them.
What else was I going to tell you??
Justin has been away since Tuesday so the kids have been staying the nights there since after tea on Tuesday, I have eaten dinner around there the last two nights as well. Since I have still had to take Laura to dance. Grandma has been spoiling them rotten as always. I had the kids parent teacher interviews today as well. One went really well like " one of those gems you want to have in your class" type well, and the other well lets just say I wish they had the teacher they had last year. It wasn't that is was really bad, I mean we only got to talk about the reading and then we were out of time but I don't know. I guess that is the problem when you have a really young enthusaic teacher and then you have a teacher. I know it is hard to get someone who tells you they don't like reading into reading but................ you know what I mean???? Please someone tell me you know what I mean.
Anyway enough of that, I had better go and get some beauty sleep! Take care all and hope you are all well.

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