Friday, November 23, 2007

Laura and Alexander at the river in Geraldine on Saturday 17th November.

Okay here goes
Monday :- made 5 cards
payed some overdue bills
baked some yummy scrolls
enjoyed seeing the sunshine all day!!

Tuesday :- drove out to Rolleston to meet the guy who was measuring the
windows for Venetians.
handed in the kids enrolment forms at the school while I was out there
talked to my best friend on skype after spending 10 minutes
working the sound and camera we had a great old chat. isn't
skype the coolest thing? what happened to that cuppa you were
making Colin? Enjoyed another summer's day!!

Wednesday :- went and choose the handles for the cupboards and drawers in
in our new kitchen. what a mission for miss indecisive here,
but I did it. Lets hope they look good!
Met my friend Susan for lunch, she always picks somewhere cool
to go. we went to this place by the beach, which had a cool
little play area for kids. Jack played in there for a little
bit, when the other kids weren't in there.
weather has been fantastic enjoyed a wine outside at our table
with dinner.

Thursday :- Alexander stayed home sick, and he had asleep in the morning.
In the middle of baking Mum's birthday cake when the phone rings
it is Mum. she had a fall and had hurt her wrist, could I come
and get her, so took her the medical clinic and she has broke a
bone in her wrist and it is now in plaster.
Two sicklings home now, although after finally having some food
Alexander seemed to feel abit better. finsihed baking the cake.
started the dough for our homemade pizza tonight
took Laura to dance. Iced the cake.
Did I mention the lovely sunny day, a slight breeze today but still good.

Friday :- Made Mum pancakes for her birthday with fresh fruit and maple syrup
dropped Alexander off at school and had Mum to take back so they could
check her plaster but we had to stop on the way for her to be sick!
again on the way home!
Just watered the peas, put a load of washing on to dry in yet another
glorious day!
that has pretty much been my week off. Okay tried to upload a photo but kept getting error will try later. Have a great day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Geraldine was nice, busy as the arts and plants festival was on. so when we drove down the main street on Friday it was abit of a surprise, unfornately I didn't get to go down and have a look though. Amelia and Glen were already there when we arrived and had almost set their tent up! Laura was like their tent is really big, well it was compared to ours I guess but they do have 2 extra kids so it has to be. The weather was pretty gray all day on Friday, not to cold though well not until later. Alexander was a bit of a grump on Friday, not to sure what his problem was, but I wasn't impressed with his behaviour, thankfully it was better on Saturday. Saturday was a beautiful sunny and warm day, and as you are when your camping we were up nice and early! We headed across to the domain as there was a market there all day so we did that first thing, of course the boys and kids were bored. Amelia and I headed over to the book sale and managed to grab ourselves a few baragins, well I had to borrow some money as I left my purse at home. After lunch we walked over to the river behind the pub, those were the directions the guys got from the camp owners, she called it a creek. It was fine for all the kids to cool down in and Chloe was in her element as she had a heap of stones to play with! Amelia and Glen went and visited her anuty and we played skipbo and whizz! aren't BBQ great espcially when camping, hamburgers for tea, yummy. we played cards once the kids were in bed! I scored the most, go me! Actually I got last, Justin won! We were silly enough to leave the scores out and the kids in the morning all saw so we were again reminded who won! I heard one of Amelia's kids yell out in the middle of the night that they didn't feel well, I didn't realise that they actually threw up. Luckily we were going home, she was fine in the morning but the mess and smell wasn't appearntly! we came straight home once we were packed up, we had to be out of the camping ground by 10am, which I thought was a bit strange but oh well. Amelia and family took the scenic route home and stopped for a picnic, not us, mine were too keen to get home to the computers. It was a lovely day too. we did get some washing done ready for Monday.
That was pretty much our weekend. You would think that since I am on hoilday this week you would have had this update eariler but no. Will post what I have been up to this week so far tomorrow. Take care till then.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

now its 5

weeks to go until our house is suppose to be ready!!! I need one of those cool count down thingees that you can get but can't be bothered looking.Maybe if I get time next week I might since I am on hoilday. Tomorrow is Show Day otherwise known as Canterbury Anniversary Day and I have the whole weekend off! Actually I have a whole week off but tomorrow we are off to Geradine for the weekend. We are going camping with my cousin Amelia and her family. Laura keeps telling me she is excited which is so lovely, I am looking forward to it too. Laura is certainly growing up, just in a few of the things that she has been doing lately you can notice it (like packing to go camping we need everything in her wardrobe)and although its a scary thought it is also lovely and funny!!! Alexander hasn't really said if he is excited about going away and of course his packing was in true male form, 2minutes and it was done. I was talking to his teacher today, she was talking about classes for next year and I had to tell her that sounds great but he won't be here next year. It did remind me to let the office know that he won't be back next year and ring Rolleston school. So one thing off my list to do.
On another note does anyone have any good ideas for something cool and practical to give to teachers? Alexander's teacher is so lovely and she has really helped him this year that I would like to give her something nice at the end of the year.
Here's hoping for good weather and I will catch you all on Monday have a great weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2007

6 weeks to go

the countdown is on to we are in our own house. I am looking forward to being in but at the moment its a case of more money here for this and that. I don't deal well that I guess thats why Justin deals with it mostly, he tries to sheild me a bit. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it as it sounds much better than he doesn't tell me anything!
we have been getting quotes for the window coverings and leveling of the site this week. We tried to look at some furniture last weekend but Alexander was all I'm bored can we go home. Laura was at dance so she wasn't there to keep him company either. We did see a nice table and chairs and leather lounge suite but they also had lovely price tags, although Justin thought they weren't to bad really. So we will have to have another look around sometime without children. got some books out from the libaray about decks. Still not sure what we are doing there, deck or paved(concrete) area.
Had Cardholders day at work yesterday, our store had a Christmas theme, I didn't really organise anything to wear. I saw these cute little elf costumes at the warehouse but they were only kids ones and as much as I wanted one they were way to small, no I didn't try one you could tell by holding it up to me! Then Mum said she had some Christmas aprons and I thought yeah that would be cool but I couldn't find them, then I was gonna decorate the green robe I used for Princess Fiona and go as a Christmas tree but i couldn't be bothered and it wouldn't be practical to work in really. So I just wore a green tshirt and some tinsel my jinglely hairties as bracelets and a santa hat and earrings. We were really busy even up till 10 when I left the place was a mess. Juliet had another hour on her own, I hope it quietened down!
That is pretty much my week really. Not sure what is planned for the weekend.What are you all up to? Well I hope you have a good one. take care.

Friday, November 2, 2007

I finally managed to do another NZDare. I haven't done one for awhile, just seem to by busy,doing what other than working I'm not sure it certainly isn't scrapping as this is also the first page I've done for about a month!! I make such a mess when I scrap too, my area was all clean when I started but by the time I finished I had all my bits and pieces everywhere. For those that don't know what NZDares is look here
. I haven't posted over there yet but I will do that next.
House update, well not really sure although Justin's Mum did say it looks so different with walls, so I guess that means they are done. We had our appointment with the interior designer last Saturday and got the colours sorted for the walls so that was quite exciting. I asked her about curtains/blinds and she said that she actually does them and could do that if we wanted as well. she gave us a rough guide of what sort of money we would be looking at, lets just say I knew it would be heaps but not that much. I am of course looking around at other options as not everyone has a spare 8 grand lying around do they.
Well I hope everyone is ok, I haven't heard from a few of you in awhile, although I haven't been checking skype that much lately either. Hope you all have a great weekend and catch up with you later.