Friday, November 23, 2007

Okay here goes
Monday :- made 5 cards
payed some overdue bills
baked some yummy scrolls
enjoyed seeing the sunshine all day!!

Tuesday :- drove out to Rolleston to meet the guy who was measuring the
windows for Venetians.
handed in the kids enrolment forms at the school while I was out there
talked to my best friend on skype after spending 10 minutes
working the sound and camera we had a great old chat. isn't
skype the coolest thing? what happened to that cuppa you were
making Colin? Enjoyed another summer's day!!

Wednesday :- went and choose the handles for the cupboards and drawers in
in our new kitchen. what a mission for miss indecisive here,
but I did it. Lets hope they look good!
Met my friend Susan for lunch, she always picks somewhere cool
to go. we went to this place by the beach, which had a cool
little play area for kids. Jack played in there for a little
bit, when the other kids weren't in there.
weather has been fantastic enjoyed a wine outside at our table
with dinner.

Thursday :- Alexander stayed home sick, and he had asleep in the morning.
In the middle of baking Mum's birthday cake when the phone rings
it is Mum. she had a fall and had hurt her wrist, could I come
and get her, so took her the medical clinic and she has broke a
bone in her wrist and it is now in plaster.
Two sicklings home now, although after finally having some food
Alexander seemed to feel abit better. finsihed baking the cake.
started the dough for our homemade pizza tonight
took Laura to dance. Iced the cake.
Did I mention the lovely sunny day, a slight breeze today but still good.

Friday :- Made Mum pancakes for her birthday with fresh fruit and maple syrup
dropped Alexander off at school and had Mum to take back so they could
check her plaster but we had to stop on the way for her to be sick!
again on the way home!
Just watered the peas, put a load of washing on to dry in yet another
glorious day!
that has pretty much been my week off. Okay tried to upload a photo but kept getting error will try later. Have a great day.

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