Friday, November 9, 2007

6 weeks to go

the countdown is on to we are in our own house. I am looking forward to being in but at the moment its a case of more money here for this and that. I don't deal well that I guess thats why Justin deals with it mostly, he tries to sheild me a bit. Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it as it sounds much better than he doesn't tell me anything!
we have been getting quotes for the window coverings and leveling of the site this week. We tried to look at some furniture last weekend but Alexander was all I'm bored can we go home. Laura was at dance so she wasn't there to keep him company either. We did see a nice table and chairs and leather lounge suite but they also had lovely price tags, although Justin thought they weren't to bad really. So we will have to have another look around sometime without children. got some books out from the libaray about decks. Still not sure what we are doing there, deck or paved(concrete) area.
Had Cardholders day at work yesterday, our store had a Christmas theme, I didn't really organise anything to wear. I saw these cute little elf costumes at the warehouse but they were only kids ones and as much as I wanted one they were way to small, no I didn't try one you could tell by holding it up to me! Then Mum said she had some Christmas aprons and I thought yeah that would be cool but I couldn't find them, then I was gonna decorate the green robe I used for Princess Fiona and go as a Christmas tree but i couldn't be bothered and it wouldn't be practical to work in really. So I just wore a green tshirt and some tinsel my jinglely hairties as bracelets and a santa hat and earrings. We were really busy even up till 10 when I left the place was a mess. Juliet had another hour on her own, I hope it quietened down!
That is pretty much my week really. Not sure what is planned for the weekend.What are you all up to? Well I hope you have a good one. take care.

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