Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy birthday Alexander!!

Hope you have a great 9th birthday today. Really he is just waiting for his present from us as I wasn't here this morning when he got up and now Justin is still at work. I did leave him a little one (underwear) and his card that I whipped up last night. He went ten-pin bowling with his friends on Saturday which was also my birthday and even though it started well, not that getting up at 3:30am is a good start to the day, although it is what I choose to do. The and I quote "gentlemen from RD6" gave me a funny card and a heap of chocolate! Like 4 boxes, 2 roses chocs and 2 scorched almonds. There goes the theory of eating better. After that the day was just like any other Saturday, took Laura to dance went to the gym where I decided to venture into the step class for something different. Let's just say I now have calf muscles. It was fun even though I looked like an uncoordinated ditz, and I certainly got a workout. Home had lunch, then all the 4 boys arrived and off we went back into town. They seemed to have fun, I was trying to take photos but it is very difficult as you can't really get in front of them when they are bowling and then whenever I tryed to take a photo one of them would put their heads in the way!! We took them to Burger King after the bowling and after that my day just went really downhill. I won't go into to details as its in the past now. Alexander's friends seem nice and it was good to finally put faces to names. I think they all had a good time, no one ate any cake though.
I must give a big thank you to my wonderful cousin (not that she reads this) who had me over for lunch on Friday and who also spoilt me for my birthday. She gave me some magazines, wine, hot chocolate, and favourites to relax and read them with. She also made a nice card which I accidentally left there. Lunch was lovely, we had spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread finished off with chocolate cake and cream! as you know Justin's Mum took my shopping last Friday and also spoilt me, from them I got, underwear, slippers, warm pants,and measuring spoons. Yes measuring spoons, Monica from work couldn't believe I got measuring spoons for my birthday. and for those of you who know me well I didn't get cheap plastic ones either I went all out and got metal ones. So I think I did pretty well.
Well better go and see what the birthday boy is up to, playing on the PlayStation I think. hope all is well and talk to you all soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

we still haven't done our Indian dinner as poor old Amelia hasn't been well or Chloe either. I am catching up with them tomorrow for lunch which will be nice. I kept meaning to send her a get well card but never got there, I haven't got to anything lately. there won't be any time this weekend either. What with rugby and dance in the morning, then we are taking four (well hopefully 4 I have only heard from 2 but then again I haven't been home) ten pin bowling for Alexander's birthday which is on Monday. Oh I don't think I told you all he scored his first try last weekend at rugby! Woohoo. He was quite proud, it was the first thing he told me when I got home from dance with Laura last week. Well actually he said guess what I did today at rugby?
I did however get mail this week. One from Mum and Dad and one from Susan, who as it turns out had a wee baby girl yesterday, so congratulations to them.
What else was I going to tell you??
Justin has been away since Tuesday so the kids have been staying the nights there since after tea on Tuesday, I have eaten dinner around there the last two nights as well. Since I have still had to take Laura to dance. Grandma has been spoiling them rotten as always. I had the kids parent teacher interviews today as well. One went really well like " one of those gems you want to have in your class" type well, and the other well lets just say I wish they had the teacher they had last year. It wasn't that is was really bad, I mean we only got to talk about the reading and then we were out of time but I don't know. I guess that is the problem when you have a really young enthusaic teacher and then you have a teacher. I know it is hard to get someone who tells you they don't like reading into reading but................ you know what I mean???? Please someone tell me you know what I mean.
Anyway enough of that, I had better go and get some beauty sleep! Take care all and hope you are all well.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

another week down, and we are half way thru June already!!
We didn't do our Indian dinner last weekend due to the snow, as we didn't know how heavy it was going to get but it didn't last long. Yes it was cold, Alexander froze at rugby and he apparently didn't have his thermal on either. I asked him how he played and he said he just made rucks! Justin said it was his worst game, and that it was freezing!
so we were going to do Indian tonight but Amelia isn't feeling the best so we are postponing it, not sure when we will do it but it will happen eventually.
so instead our neighbour JB came over and cooked us nachos, his family has gone out so he is here for tea and to watch the rugby. I love it when someone else cooks!!
I went and watched Alexander play rugby today and Justin took Laura to dance so he could do a few things in town while she was dancing. I even spoke to the coach today(he hasn't ever really spoken to me before) so that was interesting. He is a very good coach as he doesn't bother with any nice PC comments he just tells it like it is!
We got another postcard from Mum and Dad, this time it was addressed to all of us, sounds like they are enjoying seeing everything. We still haven't decided on where and when our holiday is going to be. Justin wanted to do the whole wedding island thing so we got the whole package but I am still not sure. all I know is I need to have a plan so I have something to look forward to!!!!
today I have been trying to finish my niece's album that I am making her for her birthday which is this month, since both her brothers have an album of some sort that I have made for them. It is pretty plain and simple but quite hard as I don't have any photos since we don't really see them that much. She will just have to get her Mum or Dad to help her put the photos in. actually now that i think about it her brothers were the same, they had to put there photos in. I know for the first pages I did have photos but the rest they had to get, for hers I won't have any. Okay so now I am babbling on about nothing so it must be time to go. Hope everything is well with you all in your little world and hope to hear from you soon!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here is my layout as promised. thanks to the talented Jennifer McGuire for the sketch. It was really good, I managed to cut my photos down to size with no worries as I knew they would look fine. I did have a little trouble making the frame at the side, the photo doesn't show it but if you go to Jennifer's website there is a video to watch of how to do it, she makes it look so easy. I used ribbon down the side which I had to ink as I didn't have any green ribbon, then I stitched it down the middle so I could gather it to give it a bit more dimension. the journalling was blended with the same paint as the title is done in as I had no cardstock to match that to either. I don't think it shows in the photo but it lumiere super copper paint that the letters are painted in which I got by tracing around some cutouts from some old Ki memories letter stickers that I like but didn't have any of those letters left. So it did take my awhile to complete by the time I mucked around but i am happy with it.

Friday, June 6, 2008

hi there

stranger, oh no wait that's me. well, no one really missed me anyway. No I haven't been off away somewhere exciting, but my Mum and Dad are. I think they are in the Scotland region at the moment. The kids not the family but the' grand kids' got a postcard yesterday from them and it had pubs of London on the front. funny!!! They sent it the day after they arrived in London so still early on in there trip. Mum has been having a few technical difficulties of getting into her email so haven't had any really, only one from Bev to say she couldn't get into her email. she has texted me and said they are having fun and the money is going way to fast on all the little extra excursions they are doing. I so wish I was there or somewhere on Holiday. here is trudging along nothing exciting to report really. We are doing one of our themed dinners tomorrow night the theme is Indian but the boys are cooking which means we are having takeaways! It is at our house and I haven't organised how I am going to do the table up yet, Amelia always has hers looking really cool like magazine cool! speaking of cool we went the Lincoln High School open night last night and it would be so cool to go back to school they have so many more options than what we did. I think she will go there, as we haven't looked at any other schools and it is easier to send her there as she wants to go, as that is where most of the kids from her school are going. The highlight of the night was probably the fire bell that rang and everyone had to evacuate. It was actually a shame as the art teacher was just showing us around the art studios, yes studios they had about 3-4 rooms , one was for graphics I think but it all looked so cool. Not sure if Laura is going to do art but I would if I was going, not that I have any artistic bones but oh well it would be nice to dream.
One of my favourite scrapbookers/cardmakers has set a sketch challenge on Megan's new sketchbook site(click on the link to take a look) and I am just having trouble deciding what colour to have my background, I have all my photos ready to go and thanks to the sketch know where to lay them out just can't decide on the green or brown/natural background. I have left them on both and then come back to look at it but still can't decide. actually I think I might go green for something different, maybe.
Okay I had better stop rambling here and go make up some journalling for my page so I can finish it that's the aim to finish my page today, so check back later to see if I have!!!