Saturday, June 14, 2008

another week down, and we are half way thru June already!!
We didn't do our Indian dinner last weekend due to the snow, as we didn't know how heavy it was going to get but it didn't last long. Yes it was cold, Alexander froze at rugby and he apparently didn't have his thermal on either. I asked him how he played and he said he just made rucks! Justin said it was his worst game, and that it was freezing!
so we were going to do Indian tonight but Amelia isn't feeling the best so we are postponing it, not sure when we will do it but it will happen eventually.
so instead our neighbour JB came over and cooked us nachos, his family has gone out so he is here for tea and to watch the rugby. I love it when someone else cooks!!
I went and watched Alexander play rugby today and Justin took Laura to dance so he could do a few things in town while she was dancing. I even spoke to the coach today(he hasn't ever really spoken to me before) so that was interesting. He is a very good coach as he doesn't bother with any nice PC comments he just tells it like it is!
We got another postcard from Mum and Dad, this time it was addressed to all of us, sounds like they are enjoying seeing everything. We still haven't decided on where and when our holiday is going to be. Justin wanted to do the whole wedding island thing so we got the whole package but I am still not sure. all I know is I need to have a plan so I have something to look forward to!!!!
today I have been trying to finish my niece's album that I am making her for her birthday which is this month, since both her brothers have an album of some sort that I have made for them. It is pretty plain and simple but quite hard as I don't have any photos since we don't really see them that much. She will just have to get her Mum or Dad to help her put the photos in. actually now that i think about it her brothers were the same, they had to put there photos in. I know for the first pages I did have photos but the rest they had to get, for hers I won't have any. Okay so now I am babbling on about nothing so it must be time to go. Hope everything is well with you all in your little world and hope to hear from you soon!!!

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