Friday, May 23, 2008

one more sleep

until y Mum and Dad leave for their big trip to the Europe/UK. They are away for 2 months, I am gonna miss them but am very excited for them and just as well as they are to stressed to be excited. They are stressed because they are moving from their house in Christchurch to their little farm out at Glentunnel. I don't think they realised how big a job it would be to clear out everything and get the house ready to rent. So they will be leaving it unrented but thanks to good neighbours hopefully it will be rented before they get back. It also means I have no place to go in between my jobs on Tuesday- Thursday. I do have a plan but not that keen on it at the moment as I have a head cold but we will see.
I did go out last weekend which I wasn't that keen on (as its winter and cold) but it was okay. Went out with our neighbour, her friend and mother in law. So was an interesting night but I did get to have a boogie so it was good.
The rest of the week has just been normal really, nothing that comes to mind.
One of the scrapbook sites I visit is closing on 31st May and so that inspired Megan to create a place for everyone who was a regular visitor to the site a new place to visit so you can take a look here. I think it is a great idea, its not affiliated with any store so you can be inspired and find out the best place to get stuff.
That is all from me sorry no pics today. I am not as exciting as Jennifer, if you read her post you will get what I mean. You may have to scroll down abit as she post regularly unlike me but I love her stuff and she is just so lovely.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

and a card or two!

that I did for the Scrapbook Essentials Friday night challenge, not that I did them on Friday night, but it is all good as you have till Sunday night to upload them. Just as well. I was inspired by the Hero Arts blog to do this one where the bear is only half stuck on like the one shown here
not sure if the bear works the same but it does look alright in real life. the other one is pretty simple, although it took me forever to get it together as i got the background all sorted but couldn't decide what the heck to put on the front, ended up being the original thing I stamped but just not layed out the same.
weekend was fine, mother's Day on Sunday was pretty much a non event, just a happy mothers day a poorly made card from Laura( I mean that in the nicest way possible, just I know she can do and has done so much better than the pencil drawn one she gave me)
Saturday was okay, Justin went to Auckland, Laura went to dance then Nana's as I had to be back to pick Alexander up from rugby as Grandma and Grandad had a party to go to. So it was just Alexander and I for the rest of the day. we went down to one of the empty sections around the back and played cricket for half an hour. Then I made my cards while he played on the xbox. I think he missed his sister! I know I missed her. we did have fun making sausage casserole for tea for the two of us.
Okay I have to go as they are waiting for me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Layout

at long last!! This is for the NZ Dares challenge. I did have several different ideas for this weeks challenge of using numbers on a page but ended up doing this one as I didn't have photos for any of my other ideas. you have to work with what you've got! It is okay, at the photos are now scrapped but it is lacking something down the bottom where the tags are.I was in such a rush to take the photo I didn't even clean up around it and you can see my rubbish! Sorry about that.

Our American night was good, I did American hot dogs and apple pie, we also had pork ribs, corn on the cob with salsa plus sour cream and of course Amelia's lovely brownie!
Isobel picked out our next nights choice and she pulled out Indian, us adults were hoping she would pull out adults night where we get to go out without the kids for dinner. So we still have that to look forward to. Of course the boys were saying that we can just cheat and order takeaway Indian but we haven't set a date so we will have to wait and see on that one.
well better go and sort tonight's tea out! Take care all. Talk to you later.

Friday, May 2, 2008

we are finally having another one of our themed night dinners this Saturday night. the country is USA, Justin wants me to do American hot dogs but I was hoping for something a little different but not sure what. for dessert I'm not sure about either as Amelia makes a lovely brownie so what does that leave me?? any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Justin and I have a date tonight, we are going for dinner and then shopping as we both need some decent winter clothes as ours are old and tatty! I am suppose to be organising where we eat and have a budget. I guess I better hurry up and make i organise it, I hate making decisions!
the kids are going to Nana's for the night who they haven't seen for a while, only 23 days until they go on their two month trip, how exciting. I so want to go! I looked up my air points the other day as I was worried when they expired turns out not until 2010 which is good as gives me more time to save and go further but bad as I want to go away. I really do want to have a whole family trip but man its just so dam expensive, but I guess we will sort something out.
I haven't done any scrap booking but have been enjoying the Hero Arts Blog this week where the CEO has been talking about the company itself. Makes me appreciate my Hero Arts stamps abit more which is good as although they are good quality they always seem expensive to me but as they good old Jennifer McGuire says "they are an investment"