Saturday, October 25, 2008

Laura passed her Jazz exam that she had this week! She did the jazz grade 4 exam and got honours which means she got between 85-89%, I am so proud of her, she was quite nervous as this was her first time doing an exam.
We are going out for dinner tonight with the Carsons and the Browns all without children how rare is that these days. It has been awhile since we have been out for dinner at all actually. I invited everyone and Justin picked and booked the restaurant, which I had a quick look at the sample menu and well nothing really jumped out at me so hopefully when we get there tonight something does!!
Not much else happening here really, work taking Laura to dance and back to work again. Although I did have two episodes with my alarm, human error of course. I dropped my phone on Sunday and didn't change the clock so when I was still here at 6:50am on Monday Laura was quite surprised although I thought she was up to early and told her it was only 6:25 as that is what my phone had said when I last looked at it. Opps so I was a little late for work luckily I just worked later. Then on Wednesday I had to set my alarm for something else and forgot to change it back so our phone was ringing at 4:30am on Thursday as I wasn't at work. Double opps!! that my friends is about all the excitement I have had this week!
Take care, talk to you soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

finally got photos stuck down and managed to take a photo to upload. Here are the two fully completed pages I did from Nic Howard's take two class. I think they look great but that's because I had all the hard work done for me all I really had to do was put it together. thanks Nic!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am getting abit slack at updating aren't I?? Well lets see, our house guest and his daughter who ended up staying a couple of nights as well, have now gone. they moved out late Saturday. We were all abit slow on Saturday as we had a bbq next door the night before and had a few drinks. I was still in bed early though, not that it felt like it helped much. Moving right along Saturday night was a work thing, the guy that hired me left earlier in the week and it was his leaving party. He is such a nice guy and he is going to be missed alot!! It was a good turn out too, I wasn't going to go as it is a bit of a hassle having to drive into town and then back out but I am glad I did. I am currently on holiday so no work well except the Post Office job. It is tiring not doing anything. the kids have gone to the movies with their cousins and grandma, not sure why they didn't do it last week when I was at work but oh well. So I have spent the whole morning altering photos, just adding a bit more light to some of them. In the end I found it was just as easy to do that it picture viewer thingy rather than photo shop. Not sure how good they will turn out though, I guess we will find out later.
So I signed up to face book as well last week, I even have some friends too! Plus a photo of myself, now that is a biggie. I don't really like having my photo taken and this one isn't the greatest, although it does look a little better. Photos show how much you've aged don't they? I am not sure how everyone else looks so great and relaxed about having their photo taken. I guess I am just not photogenic.
Friday last week I had my reassessment at the gym but the guy that took it last time wasn't there so I had a different one. Let's just say ......... it was interesting. He was really nice and has given me a few new things to try but since I am not going to work I haven't started it yet!!! I did go to the gym this morning but I went to Jellie Park instead. They have recently been renovated and it is all flash, new machines that Fiona couldn't work out, well two of them but the rest was good. It did feel strange going to a different gym.
Laura has less than a week till her first solo jazz dance. the competitions are this weekend. I am not sure how she will go once she is on stage. I think I am more nervous than she is.
Alexander is fine, he is looking to do tennis this summer when one of his parents gets around to finding out some more information about it.
well I think that is quite enough for now. Hope you are all well. take care.