Saturday, October 25, 2008

Laura passed her Jazz exam that she had this week! She did the jazz grade 4 exam and got honours which means she got between 85-89%, I am so proud of her, she was quite nervous as this was her first time doing an exam.
We are going out for dinner tonight with the Carsons and the Browns all without children how rare is that these days. It has been awhile since we have been out for dinner at all actually. I invited everyone and Justin picked and booked the restaurant, which I had a quick look at the sample menu and well nothing really jumped out at me so hopefully when we get there tonight something does!!
Not much else happening here really, work taking Laura to dance and back to work again. Although I did have two episodes with my alarm, human error of course. I dropped my phone on Sunday and didn't change the clock so when I was still here at 6:50am on Monday Laura was quite surprised although I thought she was up to early and told her it was only 6:25 as that is what my phone had said when I last looked at it. Opps so I was a little late for work luckily I just worked later. Then on Wednesday I had to set my alarm for something else and forgot to change it back so our phone was ringing at 4:30am on Thursday as I wasn't at work. Double opps!! that my friends is about all the excitement I have had this week!
Take care, talk to you soon.

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