Friday, August 31, 2007

Laura's Birthday

is today!! Hard to believe she is now 12!!!!! She is so lovely, I am so unorganised this year, stopped in on the way home from work this morning (thank goodness for 24hour supermarkets) and got some eggs and cream for the traditional pancakes and cream birthday breakfast. I wrapped her present yesterday so that was all ready. I got her some jeans and other pants that I got on special at work, she also got a Baby G watch which Justin was selling on Trademe. so I think she was pretty happy. My Mum got her some cool clothes from Urban Angel, so love that shop! Silly camera stopped again in the middle of taking photos,it did go again so I mangaged to get a few of her opening presents. We are having family over tonight for dinner (homemade pizza and chips from the fish&chip shop)So I have been busy cleaning up, and baking a banana cake as that is what Laura asked for and I took it out of the oven as the skewer came out clean and left it in the tin for abit and as I was transferring it to the cooling rack it went SPLAT! and I mean splat as it wasn't cooked properly. so I am now taking some time out on the computer. Laura didn't know what to do this year for her birthday and wasn't going to do anything but decided this week to have some friends over on Saturday. Don't know what they are going to do, they are a bit old for pass the parcel, I did suggest that they could have a games competition with singstar, twister and other board games. Not sure yet, I guess we will see how it goes.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog Design

I have been playing around with the design or template of my blog not sure I really like it soit may change yet.
Then I did this big post and when I went to post it, it came back with a error and my whole post was gone, what happened to saving automatically! I couldn't find it so who knows what happpened. I'm not that good with cyber stuff really. not sure i can be bothered rewriting what I did before though.
anyway on the weekend we went around to my cousin and good friend Amelia's for tea. We decided a couple of months ago to get together once a month and have dinner, but make someting from another country, first we did Italian and then Greek this month is was Chinese. I did have intentions of making something but come Saturday and Justin's previous comments about buying it as it would be easier and taste good. I decided to get takeaways so I rang Amelia to let her know and she said if we were then they would too. So we decided that the boys would cook and go and get chinese. It was really yummy too! I did make a Chinese fruit salad that had lychees in it but the kids got put off by someomes comment to watch out for the eyeballs. It was actually quite nice. amelia made caramlised mangos in brandy snap baskets with ice-cream. YUM!!
scrapbooking well I did manage to complete last weeks challenge of completiing a lyout without any photos. the idea came easy enough it is just getting it onto a page that I have trouble with. Not quite how I originally pictured it or thought but it is completed. This weeks challenge is to use balck and white photos, note the plural on photos. I don't really have any, am going to go and hunt for some when I get off here.
Other than that I have just been working, my post office job has moved out to the airport now so I have to get up 10 minutes earlier. Instead of taking me 8-10 to get into town I now have to drive 20 minutes to the other side of town. which isn't that much really in the big scheme of things but at the hour of day I have to get up? I choose to do it so I shouldn't complain, well I aren't really complaining just filling you all in.
So I hope you have all had a good week, not really sure who I am talking to here as no one knows I have a blog and I am quite happy about that because even though I read alot of blogs (see the links I put in at the side) I still find it weird someone would be reading mine!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well its been a few days since I last blogged. Not alot has been happening, finished my layout for the Scrapbook Essentials Challenge, of course was still fiddling with it on the last day.
I have been good this morning and baked a cake and some cookies, cleaned up the house and done a load of washing before coming onto the computer.
I don't start work till after lunch time as its late night, actually its a cardholders day which means I have to work until 10pm. Oh well if its busy at least it'll keep me busy.
Had car issues the last two days. You see we currently only have one car but since we are living with my wonderful and generous parents, I have been borrowing one of their vehicles Dad has a little run around car and the last two mornings it has not wanted to go, Mum and I have even pushed the thing but no. Yet it will go for Dad when he takes it at 4am but I not at 6:40am. So the last two days Mum has dropped me off, yesterday at about 9am she dropped the keys to her car off at work for me to pick Alexander up from school and then get Laura from dance. Now somewhere in there I mis-heard the instructions of where she had parked it. So come time to get the car I don't see it and walk around looking for it, but didn't see it. Thinking someones taken or I have got the directions wrong and hoping its the later and that I see it soon on my walk around and feeling gutted that its not there. So Alexander and I walked home. The bonus is we both got some exercise and quality time together but not so good thing was it was a tad cold! Not raining though, or hailing or snowing, as Alexander and I looked at the up side of things. I really didn't feel like walking normally I don't mind, must've been tired. Anyway got home and tried Dads car and of course it went first pop. So after we went and got Laura we headed towards where I thought it was and guess what we saw, Mum's car on the main road. I can't believe I missed it. I was looking down a street but she had said its near that street. Relief that the car was there, annoyed that I didn't see it.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well Justin arrived home on Thursday night from Auckland where he was training for his new job. He started on Friday so had to get back into the swing on being up in the morning and out the door on time. I ended up having Alexander home as his head was still sore, I also took him to the doctor to get checked out since he has been having far to many sore heads lately, but the doctor couldn't seem to find anything wrong other than a tight neck which may be causing it. So Alexander has some neck stretches to do.
Saturday Alexander had soccer and well we had the normal getting ready drama beforehand, but once we got there it was all good. They played another Burwood team, which had some old kindy friends of Alexanders in it. It was a nil all draw which was quite good since last year they beat us by a bit.
Then we headed out to Rolleston to see how our new house is coming along, after going to Justin's Mum and Dad's for lunch. The house looks different with the framing up, they don't have the roof part on, just the walls but it was quite cool to stand in our bedrooms and look out where the window will be, good to see some progress at last even if it is only a little. Laura and Alexander stayed at Grandmas the night so she can take Laura birthday shopping today. That will be interesting to see what she picks.
Well have to go as I start work at 10. Have a good day it looks like it will be quite nice out there today.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

ahh you wouldn't believe what I did, I went into the wrong page and was wondering why my blog wasn't showing up and was just about to create another one when I realised what I'd done. How silly is that, please don't answer that.
Anyway, here's my second attempt at blogging.
Well I signed up for a scrapbooking chanllenge and mangaged to get my entry in on time and was reasonably happy with my layout. I don't love it or anything but it was ok, not now after seeing all the wonderful entries that were submitted. I'm not really sure why I signed up for it really I guess to get some scrapping done. Boy there are some talented people out there. I wish I could make layouts that look like some of them. Oh well as I say to the kids it just takes practice! although some people just have that natural abilitly don't they?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Oh my, I am, sorry, have created a blog. Since I reguraly visit a few and Megan did suggest I create one a wee while ago I am finally giving it ago. The only problem is unlike all the blogs I visit I am not a talented scrapper so not to sure what to blog about. Hence the title "ramblings".
I am hoping that it will be a good source for me when I come to do journalling on my pages if I write about everyday happenings that is.