Saturday, August 11, 2007

Well Justin arrived home on Thursday night from Auckland where he was training for his new job. He started on Friday so had to get back into the swing on being up in the morning and out the door on time. I ended up having Alexander home as his head was still sore, I also took him to the doctor to get checked out since he has been having far to many sore heads lately, but the doctor couldn't seem to find anything wrong other than a tight neck which may be causing it. So Alexander has some neck stretches to do.
Saturday Alexander had soccer and well we had the normal getting ready drama beforehand, but once we got there it was all good. They played another Burwood team, which had some old kindy friends of Alexanders in it. It was a nil all draw which was quite good since last year they beat us by a bit.
Then we headed out to Rolleston to see how our new house is coming along, after going to Justin's Mum and Dad's for lunch. The house looks different with the framing up, they don't have the roof part on, just the walls but it was quite cool to stand in our bedrooms and look out where the window will be, good to see some progress at last even if it is only a little. Laura and Alexander stayed at Grandmas the night so she can take Laura birthday shopping today. That will be interesting to see what she picks.
Well have to go as I start work at 10. Have a good day it looks like it will be quite nice out there today.