Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blog Design

I have been playing around with the design or template of my blog not sure I really like it soit may change yet.
Then I did this big post and when I went to post it, it came back with a error and my whole post was gone, what happened to saving automatically! I couldn't find it so who knows what happpened. I'm not that good with cyber stuff really. not sure i can be bothered rewriting what I did before though.
anyway on the weekend we went around to my cousin and good friend Amelia's for tea. We decided a couple of months ago to get together once a month and have dinner, but make someting from another country, first we did Italian and then Greek this month is was Chinese. I did have intentions of making something but come Saturday and Justin's previous comments about buying it as it would be easier and taste good. I decided to get takeaways so I rang Amelia to let her know and she said if we were then they would too. So we decided that the boys would cook and go and get chinese. It was really yummy too! I did make a Chinese fruit salad that had lychees in it but the kids got put off by someomes comment to watch out for the eyeballs. It was actually quite nice. amelia made caramlised mangos in brandy snap baskets with ice-cream. YUM!!
scrapbooking well I did manage to complete last weeks challenge of completiing a lyout without any photos. the idea came easy enough it is just getting it onto a page that I have trouble with. Not quite how I originally pictured it or thought but it is completed. This weeks challenge is to use balck and white photos, note the plural on photos. I don't really have any, am going to go and hunt for some when I get off here.
Other than that I have just been working, my post office job has moved out to the airport now so I have to get up 10 minutes earlier. Instead of taking me 8-10 to get into town I now have to drive 20 minutes to the other side of town. which isn't that much really in the big scheme of things but at the hour of day I have to get up? I choose to do it so I shouldn't complain, well I aren't really complaining just filling you all in.
So I hope you have all had a good week, not really sure who I am talking to here as no one knows I have a blog and I am quite happy about that because even though I read alot of blogs (see the links I put in at the side) I still find it weird someone would be reading mine!

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Megan said...

Lol, your funny! I'm reading it. And I will have to add you to my sidebar too. You need to show me some pics as well!! Your dinner idea sounds fun. That would be something Mark and I should do!