Friday, August 31, 2007

Laura's Birthday

is today!! Hard to believe she is now 12!!!!! She is so lovely, I am so unorganised this year, stopped in on the way home from work this morning (thank goodness for 24hour supermarkets) and got some eggs and cream for the traditional pancakes and cream birthday breakfast. I wrapped her present yesterday so that was all ready. I got her some jeans and other pants that I got on special at work, she also got a Baby G watch which Justin was selling on Trademe. so I think she was pretty happy. My Mum got her some cool clothes from Urban Angel, so love that shop! Silly camera stopped again in the middle of taking photos,it did go again so I mangaged to get a few of her opening presents. We are having family over tonight for dinner (homemade pizza and chips from the fish&chip shop)So I have been busy cleaning up, and baking a banana cake as that is what Laura asked for and I took it out of the oven as the skewer came out clean and left it in the tin for abit and as I was transferring it to the cooling rack it went SPLAT! and I mean splat as it wasn't cooked properly. so I am now taking some time out on the computer. Laura didn't know what to do this year for her birthday and wasn't going to do anything but decided this week to have some friends over on Saturday. Don't know what they are going to do, they are a bit old for pass the parcel, I did suggest that they could have a games competition with singstar, twister and other board games. Not sure yet, I guess we will see how it goes.

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