Friday, September 7, 2007

September 7th

yes hard to believe we have had a week of September already. It's been a week since I updated and since Laura's birthday. She had a good time and got spoilt, it was quite funny we also got her an eye toy camera and game for her birthday but didn't give it to her until she went to bed on Friday night, what with the family all over on Friday for tea and everything that's just the way it turned out but she was surprised and grateful which was lovely to see. Love the look of joy of her face.

I heard her the next day telling one of her friends that Mum was so mean(but said with love) cos I didn't give it to her until night. Funny!!
On Sunday my best friend Shelley rang from Scotland, which was a lovely suprise. It was so great to talk to her, I wish she wasn't so far away or that it didn't cost so much to go see her!!
Not much has been happening this week. Justin spent 3 days in bed due to having on of the many bugs going around. He said he felt like he'd been hit by a bus. He's all better now though, which is great.
Scrapbooking challenge this week was a double layout about a challenge of some sort. I found this rather difficult, not the double layout but the topic. I started with the idea of how we are always having to tidy up the kids room/mess but ended up doing it about how many times I have to tell them to do things. Not something I would have normally scrapped so it is quite good to have so the kids can remember that when they have kids!!LOL I am going to try and an a link to the page so you can view it.
There are some really good layouts in the gallery this week again.
Justin's Mum just texted me and they are at our house doing the roof today, were suppose to be there Tuesday but it rained until yesterday. I didn't get to go out and have a look last week as I was working but Alexander and Justin took some photos so will try to post those here too.
This is the front view from the street and here is the back view.

If this works I will be quite impressed with myself. Going to have leftovers for lunch now. Have a good week everyone.

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