Tuesday, September 25, 2007

guess what???

You know how I have been having car trouble, with my Dad's car no less. Well on Friday it was smoking/steaming at both ends, so on Saturday Justin, the kids and I went to look at cars just to get an idea of the price and what I like etc. Well the kids were totally bored as you would expect so after a few car yards we went and had lunch at Costa's, according to Justin they make the best Slovaki. That was a bit of a treat for the kids, we weren't sure if they would eat it all but Laura ate all hers and Alexander didn't which is the complete opposite of what you would expect!! Anyway I digress, after we finished Justin said lets just have a look in here. 20 minutes later we are walking out the store with a brand new digital camera!!!!!! woohoo. We are the proud new owners of a Canon EOS 400D(Rebel xti)

I have been keeping an eye on them for a while and they had it cheaper than I had seen anywhere and apparently only had one left. Of course by the time you add in the bag to carry it and the card etc it all added up but we still got a good deal I think. Now I just have to figure out how to use it!!! I did sit down and read the instruction book but it kinda went in and then out again. I haven't really had a good chance to have a play either.
School holidays at the moment and we are busy at work with a toy sale and crappy weather, plus I have been running late the last two mornings with getting the kids to holiday programmes. well one actually as I made a bit of an error with Laura's who is now at Grandma's for a couple of days!! Justin is away down south for the week so I have had the car as he gets to hire a rental and fly back from Invercargill. No scrapping this week and probably won't as I have to clean up my mess as my Uncle is coming to stay this weekend as it is my Auntie's 60th birthday party. So I am off to ring my cousin Amelia to see what she needs me to do. Take care

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Megan said...

Wowsers that is pretty cool!! I expect to see some stunning photography from now on!!! :o)