Friday, September 21, 2007

two weeks

since I last posted!! Opps. I have just spent the morning cleaning my room, refolding and putting away all my clothes really, so I can find things. I love it when its all tidy, just not to good at keeping it that way.LOL
Wroked late last night as it was Cardholders at work, our theme was All Black and I borrowed mum's jersey and Dad's rugger shorts (which I did a qick seam on each side so they weren't so baggy) and put black socks on with some tape around them to look like rugby socks, I even had a bandage around my leg (mainly to hide my horrible veins) a few of the comments from my work collegues were, don't you look cute as a button, you look like a real rugby player, oh look its spnky Ritchie McCaw!! And guess what I have no photos to prove any of this. I was a little disappointed as normally everyone gets right into it and they go around and take photos of all the staff, but not this time. Oh well still good fun.
Have finished both the last two challenges in the Scrapbook Essential challenge, they're not fantastic but the last one was completed in an afternoon. Which for me is something to write about, as I am not the best at deciding on things.
Haven't really heard anything more about the house, we did go and see it last weekend and the roof is all on.
Oh last weekend we had our dinner and we did Portgual food, it was nice, of course everything Amelia made was lovely. After dinner the kids played eye toy and we played cards. we played 7s and then phase 10. It was good old fashioned fun. I think the boys had fun as appearntly last time they were abit bored! Then we watched the rugby game (All Black Vs Portugal).
Laura had her ski trip yesterday as it was postphoned the week before. She said it was fun. I sent a camera along with her and she said she took a couple of them but not of them actually skiing. Don't you wish you could be at two places at one time. I hate missing out on seeing things the kids are up to.
Basically that is about all we have been up to.
Take care and I will try to update more reguarly.

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