Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well its been a few days since I last blogged. Not alot has been happening, finished my layout for the Scrapbook Essentials Challenge, of course was still fiddling with it on the last day.
I have been good this morning and baked a cake and some cookies, cleaned up the house and done a load of washing before coming onto the computer.
I don't start work till after lunch time as its late night, actually its a cardholders day which means I have to work until 10pm. Oh well if its busy at least it'll keep me busy.
Had car issues the last two days. You see we currently only have one car but since we are living with my wonderful and generous parents, I have been borrowing one of their vehicles Dad has a little run around car and the last two mornings it has not wanted to go, Mum and I have even pushed the thing but no. Yet it will go for Dad when he takes it at 4am but I not at 6:40am. So the last two days Mum has dropped me off, yesterday at about 9am she dropped the keys to her car off at work for me to pick Alexander up from school and then get Laura from dance. Now somewhere in there I mis-heard the instructions of where she had parked it. So come time to get the car I don't see it and walk around looking for it, but didn't see it. Thinking someones taken or I have got the directions wrong and hoping its the later and that I see it soon on my walk around and feeling gutted that its not there. So Alexander and I walked home. The bonus is we both got some exercise and quality time together but not so good thing was it was a tad cold! Not raining though, or hailing or snowing, as Alexander and I looked at the up side of things. I really didn't feel like walking normally I don't mind, must've been tired. Anyway got home and tried Dads car and of course it went first pop. So after we went and got Laura we headed towards where I thought it was and guess what we saw, Mum's car on the main road. I can't believe I missed it. I was looking down a street but she had said its near that street. Relief that the car was there, annoyed that I didn't see it.


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