Friday, May 23, 2008

one more sleep

until y Mum and Dad leave for their big trip to the Europe/UK. They are away for 2 months, I am gonna miss them but am very excited for them and just as well as they are to stressed to be excited. They are stressed because they are moving from their house in Christchurch to their little farm out at Glentunnel. I don't think they realised how big a job it would be to clear out everything and get the house ready to rent. So they will be leaving it unrented but thanks to good neighbours hopefully it will be rented before they get back. It also means I have no place to go in between my jobs on Tuesday- Thursday. I do have a plan but not that keen on it at the moment as I have a head cold but we will see.
I did go out last weekend which I wasn't that keen on (as its winter and cold) but it was okay. Went out with our neighbour, her friend and mother in law. So was an interesting night but I did get to have a boogie so it was good.
The rest of the week has just been normal really, nothing that comes to mind.
One of the scrapbook sites I visit is closing on 31st May and so that inspired Megan to create a place for everyone who was a regular visitor to the site a new place to visit so you can take a look here. I think it is a great idea, its not affiliated with any store so you can be inspired and find out the best place to get stuff.
That is all from me sorry no pics today. I am not as exciting as Jennifer, if you read her post you will get what I mean. You may have to scroll down abit as she post regularly unlike me but I love her stuff and she is just so lovely.

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