Thursday, November 15, 2007

now its 5

weeks to go until our house is suppose to be ready!!! I need one of those cool count down thingees that you can get but can't be bothered looking.Maybe if I get time next week I might since I am on hoilday. Tomorrow is Show Day otherwise known as Canterbury Anniversary Day and I have the whole weekend off! Actually I have a whole week off but tomorrow we are off to Geradine for the weekend. We are going camping with my cousin Amelia and her family. Laura keeps telling me she is excited which is so lovely, I am looking forward to it too. Laura is certainly growing up, just in a few of the things that she has been doing lately you can notice it (like packing to go camping we need everything in her wardrobe)and although its a scary thought it is also lovely and funny!!! Alexander hasn't really said if he is excited about going away and of course his packing was in true male form, 2minutes and it was done. I was talking to his teacher today, she was talking about classes for next year and I had to tell her that sounds great but he won't be here next year. It did remind me to let the office know that he won't be back next year and ring Rolleston school. So one thing off my list to do.
On another note does anyone have any good ideas for something cool and practical to give to teachers? Alexander's teacher is so lovely and she has really helped him this year that I would like to give her something nice at the end of the year.
Here's hoping for good weather and I will catch you all on Monday have a great weekend.

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