Friday, November 2, 2007

I finally managed to do another NZDare. I haven't done one for awhile, just seem to by busy,doing what other than working I'm not sure it certainly isn't scrapping as this is also the first page I've done for about a month!! I make such a mess when I scrap too, my area was all clean when I started but by the time I finished I had all my bits and pieces everywhere. For those that don't know what NZDares is look here
. I haven't posted over there yet but I will do that next.
House update, well not really sure although Justin's Mum did say it looks so different with walls, so I guess that means they are done. We had our appointment with the interior designer last Saturday and got the colours sorted for the walls so that was quite exciting. I asked her about curtains/blinds and she said that she actually does them and could do that if we wanted as well. she gave us a rough guide of what sort of money we would be looking at, lets just say I knew it would be heaps but not that much. I am of course looking around at other options as not everyone has a spare 8 grand lying around do they.
Well I hope everyone is ok, I haven't heard from a few of you in awhile, although I haven't been checking skype that much lately either. Hope you all have a great weekend and catch up with you later.


lianne said...

Lovely LO Fiona. Thanks for doing the dare.

Megan said...

Great job Fi! I love how you did the title!! And I have been slack at commenting, but still been reading your blog each time you update!! Have you been to any of Tanya's crops yet? She is having them every week in chch!!

scrapgeek said...

Very cool layout- I like the non traditional colours!