Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two lovely days in a row and I get to see them. Laura is home sick again today.I at least get to see the nice weather, when I am at work I have no idea what the weather is doing unless the customers tell you or until you finish and lately the weather has changed by the afternoon. I ate lunch outside at my cool new table and chairs and we had bbq hamburgers for tea last night and used our table again. I love summer!!!
Hey all you cool bloggers out there how do I make cool headers like you all have on your pages with photos of either your family or cool stuff you have made?? I would love to update mine just not sure how.
House progress, we rang Justin's parents last night to see if they had finally finished the bricks and yes they had so that is good news as it was holding everything else up. They had appearntly started the gibbing the ceiling too. I heard Justin telling someone on the phone that they are hoping we will be able to move in on December 21st if all goes well. Justin doesn't want to get his hopes up so isn't saying we will be for sure but all I can say is we better be able to!!!! I will not be happy if we aren't able to move until next year!
On Saturday I got my hair cut and I got abit more than my normal trim, I got Amelia to bring her hair straightners over on Saturday night but it still didn't look that great, although it took forever to straighten, we told Justin it wouldn't take so long with decent straighteners!! I am still not sure I like it yet, and I don't have straighteners and not sure I can be bothered doing that all the time. Mum and Dad said it looks fine and it makes me look younger. That is all good but it doesn't make me like any more. Laura commented that it looks darker and I think that is because my blond bits at the side were cut. It will grow back I guess.
Okay so that is all for today, talk to you later.

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