Friday, October 26, 2007

The house is coming along nicely now, we went out last weekend and were there all day, it was fine although a little windy but I think it was like that in town too. Justin and his two friends helped him do all the wiring for the home theatre/ computers. I really don't know what exactly all I do know is that when we left on Saturday our house had a rainbow of wires inside it and that is cost more than I want to know about!(but cheaper that they did it themselves)
The bricks had been started they were up to out bedroom at the back of the house. The kids got a bit bored out there all day but I was busy reading as Laura has the last Harry Potter book out from the library and since she is reading it herself this time I have to read it myself and was trying to finish it, so I was quite engrossed in that. I did take them for a walk to the park or they took me as I didn't know where it was, they wanted to take the car but I refused and it wasn't that far away as we had driven around that way when we went to the supermarket for lunch and took the wrong turn so we didn't actually pass the park on the way. It was lovely sitting in the sun and no banging around. A little boy came to the park and he had this quite cool toy, it was like a foam rocket and you attach it to a spike which has a hose connected to it and that is connected to another piece which you jump on and of course the foam dart flies up. I saw him do it first and it nearly landed in a tree so he moved it over more and that is when Alexander saw it and he goes to me hey did you see that? It was quite funny because he stood there for about 5 minutes watching the other little boy play with it, you could see he was dying to go and have a go too, and the little boy kept moving closer to where Alexander was as well. Eventually Alexander ran and picked up the dart and put it back on for him a few times and then they started talking and eventually Alexander got to have a go. It was so cute to watch though. The other little boy just lived across the road and was only 6 but Alexander didn't manage to get a name when they where talking!! Funny.
i miss moments like that, as sometimes I feel like I hardly see the kids anymore, I do but what with working and them growing up and not wanting to hang out with Mum as much, as the computer is way more fun, it just seems like it sometimes.
Okay what else? Oh the Justin's Mum rang to say the batts are in the house and they hung some internal doors as well, so I rang the interior designer to see what colour the walls are being painted, so we are meeting with her on Saturday morning at 9am, so no sleep in then either. We have our dinner this weekend and this months theme is ......English or UK I'm not sure exactly but I got a London food book out and it is all pretty easy I am doing trifle for pudding not sure what for the main, I think I will ring Amelia and see what she is doing first. I also need to go and make my Dad a birthday card so I had better go and do that, I think I might use my new stamp I got from Senz. Oh and I need to check on two other birthdays and hopefully I havent' missed them. Okay well hope everyone is well, love to hear from you and if your still reading this, extra points for you!!!!LOL

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