Thursday, October 4, 2007

this is the cake my cousin made for her Mum's birthday, she is just so talented. That is just one of the many things she can do, she is not only a fantastic cake decorator, she bakes, she sews, she paints, she scrapbooks, takes great photos, her kids always look wonderful, she can speak another language, she decorates her house just beautifully, you name it she can do it. Everyone admires her talent and I am sure she gets sick of having such high expectations set on her but she is a perfectionist so maybe not but just thought I would tell the world how wonderful my cousin Amelia really is. so that is my little tribute to you. (not that she will read this as I haven't told her about my blog yet!!!)


Megan said...

Wow, what an amazing cake!!! She should go into the business!!

Anonymous said...

you should get her to make wedding cakes she would make a fortune doing them as they cost a lot of money. the house looks like it is coming along really well. it is great being able to see all the pictures.