Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Here are some more photos of the house. Took these on Saturday morning when we went out to have a look. It seems quite dark inside now. we got our windows with a tint so it blocks abit of light as well.I'm sure once we get lighting and it all finished it will be different again. Feels good to see some progress, it is such a long process when building a new house!! They still reckon we are on track to be in before Christmas. For those that asked it is a four bedroom house although the fourth will be used as a computer/hobby room. If we get any guests well we don't really but if we do I think it'll be easier just to put the kids in the same room!! They are so looking forward to having there own rooms again, especially Laura.
Had my Aunty Marie's 60th birthday on Saturday night, I took my new camera and took a heap of photos. I will have to upload one of the cake Amelia made, I will do that tomorrow. We are going to take Alexander out to Grandma's tonight as he has no holiday programme tomorrow. I will be glad when school goes back, less hassle for me. The kids are enjoying there programmes, who wouldn't Laura has been ten-pin bowling, hydro sliding and hip-hop(aerobics according to Laura) and tomorrow is off mini golfing. Her programme is better than Alexander's he has been to the movies, gymnastics, games, art, museum, more games, swimming and on Friday he is off to willow bank (animal park). beats staying at home with Mum doing nothing, or going to work!! I do miss spending time with them though. Hopefully I will get some time off in January. Okay I have rambled enough today. Take care

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