Wednesday, October 10, 2007

lets see, what's been happening? been busy at work, with pallets and pallets of toys to get out and then last Thursday they had a big four day sale so no time to get any toys out! I did manage to get a outdoor table for cheap as it had been returned as it has a small crack in the corner and a few scratches on it. i rang good old dad and he came down and picked it up. we did all stand there for about 5 minutes deciding how to get it on the trailer as it is slightly bigger than the trailer but we figured it out and it arrived home in one piece.( it has a glass top so I was a little worried) So I was pretty happy.
The weekend was okay, didn't really do much, had a look at a few more cars, tried to get Laura some new t shirts and shorts but she didn't like anything and really wasn't in the mood. Oh and on Friday I booked in for two classes at Senz - the stamping and scrap booking expo that is here on the weekend. I am doing a photography course and recipe book one. hopefully they will be good, they better it's not exactly cheap and I have to pay to get in to look at all the stalls as well. Unfortunately the classes aren't on the same day either. Oh well its not like I get to go to any of the other cool scrapping events this year. I asked Justin and he said just do it and Laura chipped in its just money!! LOL
The quarter finals of the rugby world cup were on, and lets just say the All Blacks and the rest of New Zealand are gutted at the loss. Enough said on that matter.
Well just thought I would give you a quick update, tune in tomorrow for some more news!!!!

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