Sunday, January 6, 2008

Okay so I have missed a couple of days but you really haven't missed much and I have managed to take a photo a day, hey I even took more than one. Alexander and I went over to the hill behind our house on our bikes and it was kinda freaky but fun. Justin was suppose to go with him but didn't so on Saturday morning we all went over except I took the camera instead of a bike. Now I thought since I already had some photos of Alexander that I took the day before I would focus on Justin and Laura which of course meant I missed it when Alexander crashed his new bike( he took his old one the first time we went) when he went down. I managed to get one of him lying on the ground although it shows his hand trying to shut me out!!! He didn't brake anything but was quite shaken and sore. Justin was like your okay come don't be a baby. I gave my baby some love and eventually managed to coax him into getting back up and going down the hill even if it was only once. He was ready to go home after that. so that was yesterday, today when the kids eventually woke up, yes because I had plans they slept in! Not that it mattered what time we went. Alexander was unusually quiet the whole morning. So because I am on holiday which meant I didn't have to go to work today we went to the Riccarton Market as I haven't been in ages. It was busy as but other than some, good smelling take away food which we didn't buy there wasn't that much there.Okay some nice art and plants and fresh fruit not alot that interested us. so we headed to hornby to do the shopping but decided that we should look at dressmart for some shoes for Alexander.He is just as fussy as Laura when it comes to buying shoes but we did manage to get him some, Justin got some shorts and Laura a t-shirt. then we got groceries, I can't believe how dare some things are these days. I was wondering why I was hungry turns out it was almost 2pm. Home and lunch!!!
was quietly reading my book which I just started last night, when I hear the kids yelling at each other so decide that it is time to turn the TV off and get them outside for abit. So I tell them to go get there shoes and bikes we are going around to get grandmas mail since we didn't get it yesterday. Well Laura tells me she doesn't want to go and she didn't anything. I respond with I don't care your coming anyway. Well that's when the big sulk starts, she goes as slow as possible which of course just makes me madder so I eventually warn her that I will take the computer and tv privileges away from her but this doesn't help she continues to sulk all the way there and half way home. I did succeed at getting them outside though and we watered the raspberries and the potatoes where looking a bit witlered so I tried to water them too, the hose was a bit short.
finished my book.
cooked tea, let Laura make the waffles for pudding to help redeem herself, although she still hasn't apologised yet she did manage to ask when she would be allowed to watch the tv again.

Okay that's all for now, more photos to follow later it as I need my beauty sleep.

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