Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello there, how are you all??? well all two of you that actually read my blog anyway. I am okay had one of those days where you want to do something but nothing ever happens. It was a beautiful hot day although still windy here in Rolleston, did I mention that it is always windy out here. well it is. Darn annoying really and the fact that we still can't go on our drive or patio and we still have mounds of dirt in our back yard but good things take time they say.
So my whole Cherish word thing isn't really happening for me, I guess all the more reason to hang onto it.
Justin spent all day working on getting his movie screen up with the help of one of his friends. It is still not finished as when they went to put the projector up the screws they had were to short, and they didn't make it to the local hardware store until 5 minutes after it closed!!! They did try Justin's Dad but he wasn't home, so I think they are going to finish it tomorrow. Back to work tomorrow!
Yesterday we didn't do anything really, cleaned up from Thursday night as we had our first official dinner guests. We had our monthly dinner with my cousin Amelia and her family. It was so cute when they arrived Laura and Alexander went outside to meet them and bring them thru the back door and Isobel gave Laura a big hug. So cute, little kids are just adorable. so our theme this time was kids choice and they chose pizza, and ice cream sundaes and jelly. great for us as that was easy. we got takeaway pizza and ice cream sundaes are easy as and they tasted good too, chocolate topping that goes hard, m&ms and ice cream. Yum. we also played Cranium which I got Laura for Christmas. It was abit old for the other kids but Laura and Brenna ( Alexander wasn't interested) helped play. It was long but fun. It would be great fun with a few more adults too. It was a good night the only down part was I put the kids on the floor to eat as we didn't have enough chairs (big table but not enough chairs for all the kids) but I didn't make the mat big enough and we did have one little bit of chocolate on the carpet but no biggie we managed to get it out. Hey it isn't going to stay new forever right??
Our neighbours to be (Justin and Rebeca) came around with their kids on Friday to see their house and I ended up giving the kids lunch as it was lunch time, I offered Rebeca and Justin some but they declined. Then the guy who was suppose to come yesterday to do the quote for the levelling of the back yard came. After that the kids and I were going to go for a bike ride but Miss Laura who doesn't sleep during the day decided to have a nap, well I found her asleep on the couch and she had a good nap too!! when she finally did wake up we went to find the Rolleston dairy as they courier had left a card in our letter box as he didn't go to the back door or no one heard him so we had to go and pick it up from there. That is basically what I have been up to and hanging out on the internet. wasting time really. How about you all what have you been up to??

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