Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It was a lovely and hot day today and I wasn't working either but both the kids weren't here so we didn't really do anything, except house stuff, finished sorting the stuff in the garage, cleaned the bathrooms, ours was filthy already! we decided to go for a bike ride but my tyres were flat and the pump we have doesn't have an attachment that fits my bike. so I reluctantly rode Alexander's new bike! I felt silly and Justin was kind enough to tell me I looked funny too. Luckily no cameras around. As as we left we got a text to say that Mum and Dad were dropping Alexander back home as he didn't want to go into town. So it was just a short ride, although Alexander and I headed down to the supermarket on our bikes to get some chili beans for our nachos but we went via Grandmas to check the strawberries but still not quite ready. We also watered the raspberries as they looked like they could do with it. I also managed to get my scrap supplies put in the study (4th bedroom although no room for a bed)i have a small desk and all my stuff is tidily away. I took a photo since it looks all neat as once I scrap it won't be. I make a big mess as I have to pull everything out to decide what goes best and that takes a while too. It will also count for a photo today but I'm not going to upload right now. I am off to bed as I have to get up at about 7 and play with Alexander.

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