Friday, December 28, 2007

a week old

is our house now. yeah sorry got a little busy to carry on the countdown. I have wanted to post(I even thought about what to say while laying in bed at night) but well my computer was not put up until now, of course Justin had his up and running but not mine, he only just got around to it tonight and as it was I had to come and check up on him as he was busy playing on his again!!!
So I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, ours was okay, Santa was very nice to the kids. Alexander got a bike with gears(which is what he asked for)and Laura got Buzz the PlayStation game. we even managed to get a tree up as well even if it was a little crooked. I love it how excited and happy the kids are the night before Christmas its just so darn cute. we didn't think we were going to get the tree up so the kids were busy drawing pictures of Christmas trees to put out beside the Santa's drink and the reindeer's carrots! Alexander cut some up for them and rudoplh got the longest one.
Boxing Day was pretty quite the kids went with my Mum and Dad to my cousins and we went shopping and spent more money for things for the house, got a new microwave, some more towels, Laura a new duvet for her new bed (still needs a cover but I couldn't pick one without her there) a new toaster plus a few little bits and pieces. It is never ending, you would think we had everything since we had a house before but some stuff just needs to be new for the nice new house, like a new duvet cover for our bed which i finally got on our bed today and oh it looks 10 times better. Probably helps that I finally unpacked my clothes and tidy ed our room. I will upload photos tomorrow. Till then take care. Fiona

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