Saturday, December 8, 2007


days to go and we are nowhere near organised to move. In fact its all abit of shambles really, I just don't have any time or enthusiam for it at the moment, not to mention I haven't done any Christmas shopping, well I did go yesterday with Grandma but didn't buy anything. Justin and I are up to Auckland on Friday for the night for his work party, Laura has her dance concert on Sunday and practices all next week (and last) so its been all go. Thursday was a long day for me as I was on my feet from 3:30am to 10:30pm as I had both my jobs to go to and I helped Mum do her house cleaning jobs since she has a broken arm and is abit slower. Justin was away at the beginning of the week to. The house is appearntly looking good, Justin's Mum had a look thru on her way in yesterday.
ok that's all I have time for. Hope everyone esle is having a better day.

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Megan said...

Omg, it definitely sounds like you need a holiday!!! I hope you get everything organised before you move!!