Tuesday, December 4, 2007


days to go until our house is ready!!!! We got to go thru on Friday as it has been locked up since they put the garage door on. The kitchen which was suppose to be going in on Monday was finally being put in when we were there and the thing looked good, so good to see it all coming together. The handles on the cupboard doors that i picked all by myself looked good too! Justin's Mum was there of course and she was really excited, my Mum happened to be there to but she didn't keep asking if I was excited! I think everyone is now just at the point where we just want to be in. It is pretty much all go from here on in, the tiler was suppose to be there this week. We are still trying to finalize the driveway and patio area, which is the week after I think. I tell you its all go.
In other news:
* well my team leader(manager) told us this morning that her last day at our store will be on Sunday. We were all pretty shocked and a few of us upset, it's not normally so fast, she is moving to the Ashburton store.
* Laura is growing up, she went to her friends on Saturday night and then on Sunday they caught the bus to the mall and by the sounds of it spent most of the afternoon shopping(or looking as Laura didn't buy anything)she didn't get home till Sunday evening! Oh so cute and scary at the same time.
* Christmas isn't that far away and I haven't done anything Christmassy, except singing along with the carols at work! We had the whole Christmas tree discussion for our new house. We have always had a real one but Justin said it would be to messy on our new carpet! This is from the one who always wanted a real one. then there was what colour fake one would we buy, personally I'm not even sure if we will have time for any sort of tree.
* and I can't remember what else I was going to say so that's all folks

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