Friday, December 14, 2007

One Week!!!!!

to go until our house is finished and handed over to us. It is all going well I think, have been to busy to notice and well I had a little melt down over it all in the middle of the week, dam thing eats money. Nothing to worry about according to Justin, I don't think it helped that I heard him telling someone else about it over the phone, that really annoys me, appearntly all just happened as I walked in the door.
Off to Auckland for the Justin's work dinner, have been rushing around this morning helping Mum with her housecleaning, getting stuff that Laura needs for her Dance concert on Sunday and getting ready to go.My hair cut has grown abit but still doesn't really do alot, so annoying. Was about to sit down and do my nails but can't find a nail file so thought I'd give you all an update instead.

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