Friday, September 19, 2008

an update from the week that was.... well last Saturday I had Nic Howards class, which was good I didn't leave with two completed layouts though. One because I had to leave early ( and Nic had read that on my blog, how cool is that?) and two I didn't have my photos as I went to get them printed that morning but the machines were down. I have only just managed to get to the layouts this afternoon and finish off. I was going to upload but am waiting for some glitter glue to dry,and I haven't written on Alexanders on yet. I managed to get the photos done on Tuesday while Laura was at dance, Alexander and I went and got them done at Harvey Norman as they have a special on 5x7 for 25cents. It was the first time I have gone in and done it and it was really easy!!!
We had the Brown's over for homemade pizza on Saturday night without their children as they were getting ready for bed already, then Justin's brother and his family came over and stayed to watch the rugby. Justin parents were also here but his Mum went home early as she is not very well.
We had our first bbq of the season on Sunday night, since it was such a beautiful day (not that I saw much of it) it was really good too!
The rest of the week was fairly normal work, baking on Monday afternoon, dance Tuesday. I worked later on Wednesday since we had cardholders day at work on Thursday. Our theme was storybook characters. I still didn't know what I was going as when I left work on Wednesday but ended up going as Pipi Longstocking. I looked cute apparently, I felt funny more about not wearing a dress than anything as I felt naked without my pants on!!! I have asked on of the girls at work to flick me thru some photos so I may even share if you are lucky. And here we are at today already see the weeks just fly by don't they? What have you all been up to this past week?

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