Friday, September 26, 2008

We have a house guest with us at the moment, he is a friend of Justin's and is staying until he finds a place to rent. He actually arrived last Saturday night but since I haven't blogged since before then you didn't know!! Laura has been at camp since Wednesday, I didn't get to say good bye and take care and love you before she left as I was at work and I went to bed while they were all still on the computer but the cute and lovely girl that she is texted me before she left in the morning to say she goodbye and that she loves me. Isn't that just gorgeous, my sweet 13 year old made me sad and happy at my break for breakfast that day. Happy that she sent me the text to say she loved me and sad that I wasn't there for her. don't get me wrong its not like she's never been away from me, (hell we went away for a month and left her with grandparents). I just thought is was lovely!!!
what else has been happening, not much work, only had to take Laura to dance once this week although I did drive out to where she has dance last night to pick up Okiwi, a student from the dance studio in town who was teaching as Laura's teacher was not there. He is at high school but a very talented dancer and so enthusactic and funny. So the drive back was not at all awkward as I know who he is and have spoken to him to say great work at Christmas in the park but don't really know him if you know what I mean. Although now when he is famous I will be able to say I gave him a ride once!
okay I have just talked to my best friend on Skype (great thing that) and she has told me I have to join face book. Which I have been avoiding since I really don't know anyone but now that I know two people as I know my cousin is one there too I guess i will go and check it out.

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