Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 13th to my lovely Laura!! Yes she is 13 today and I am so proud of her she finally got her cellphone that she has been waiting so patiently for. She did ask us a couple of times to have one last year for Christmas but Justin told her when she is 13 she can have one. Not once did she day that we are such mean parents as pretty much everyone else she knows her age has a cellphone, even some that are younger!
It was so funny she had about 5 texts once we got the sim card in as both the grandparents had texted her and her friends that were here texted her as well!! Yes we had four girls stay last night and Alexander also managed to have his friend over. I was first asleep out of all of them, I'm so old!!! I was also probably awake before all of them too! The good thing is they pretty much look after themselves at this age, all I had to do was feed them some food and I took some photos as the girls did a little fashion show down the hallway and then they all watched movies and of course talked!!! I will try and upload some photos later, well some of Laura anyway as I took enough for some reason she didn't seem to mind me taking photos of her.

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