Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am seriously considering doing one of these classes by New Zealands very own Nic Howard. I do regularly check her blog and like her work its just.... one I can't decide which class to do and two as always the money. If I get time I may call in today and see about them, that is of course if I get time. I was on Cathy blog yesterday, she always has something there to make you laugh, she to has a class which I won't be doing but sounds good. Heidi Swapp is going to be in Australia in December but I won't be attending that either. It is like all the great scrapbooking/stamping products out there, some really great but you can't have them all. I don't like to spend money on it that much especially when I don't really do that much these days. There is always something else to do or I am just not motivated enough. I tried making a card the other day and didn't even get that finished. I also have many more excuses too, I don't have enough space, its to cold, etc etc. I also want to get some more photos printed as the ones I have aren't inspiring me. I would love a really nice one of the kids so I can get it a little bigger than the normal size but all mine are just average. Okay I really am rambling, take care and see you all later.


Faye said...
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Faye said...

I know what you mean Fiona there's always lots to buy but I have had to put that buying into the context of everything else in my life and make do with what I have these days. It just makes you more inventive I reckon. Nic's classes do look good. I would have liked to have come down to SENZ but definitely not in the budget at the moment and hey, no one's photos are average. Get them printed, that will get you going.

PS. I deleted my first comment cause it had a sp mistake and I just can't stand sp mistakes. LOL

PPS. I'm going to pick up my framed bus blind this morning. I'll put a photo of it on my blog later today.

PPPS. I always love your comments on my blog, thanks.