Sunday, August 10, 2008

not such a great week, nothing to bad (especially compared to others) just not a happy one! You know when one little thing happens and then one more and it just changes your whole mood and as much as you want to get over as you know you can't do anything about it now you just can't get past it.
On Wednesday on my way home from work my tyre went well lets just say it wouldn't go any more! I knew my wheel alignment was out and I thought that noise was that when I went around the round about but by the third roundabout I knew it wasn't as my tyre was extremely bad. So I rang my other half and told him to ring the kids and let them know I would be late he also rang the AA since I really don't know how to change a tyre( I know shame on me) I had 4 different people stop and ask me if I needed help which was nice and I said no I have some coming thanks. there was also a gentleman further up who had broken down but I didn't see anyone stop to see if he needed help! I did eventually take the fourth guy up on his offer as I was sick of waiting and it was a busy place too. So thank you to the gentleman from Beaureapairs who stopped to help me. I was very grateful but still didn't manage to get his name I did take the rego of his car so must send a note of thanks. So that was to bad just annoying really, and I had to drive back into town to take Laura into dance on that stupid space saver tyre but we managed.
It was what happened on Thursday that set my mood, I think I was just so tired, well I must have been because when I got home from work I went and had a nap!! That is not normal. thank goodness it was my weekend. Didn't really get up to much, just the normal house stuff, crappy weather I see today when I was back at work it was lovely! The neighbours had tea with us on Friday very impromptu, they came over for something else and ended up staying for tea! so that was quite nice really. Saturday same as, Laura to dance and home again. My folks called in on there way home from town as well and gave the kids a couple of things that they got on there trip. Mum hasn't been to well this week and was just starting to feel better.
Justin is away for a couple of nights so the kids are at Grandma's tonight and tomorrow. grandma hasn't been well for the last few weeks either, which would explain why i haven't heard from them, she has been quite ill so I feel abit bad about not knowing and now she has the kids, just as well they pretty much look after themselves these days.
Oh and I brought some stuff on Saturday I splashed out and got myself these and some staz-on ink which was on special too, of course the stamps weren't and they were kinda impulsive but oh well, I'm sure they will come in handy. I did start to make a card with them on Saturday but I never finished it. Gee look at the time I better hit the sack. take care, and catch up with you all later.

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Megan said...

Cool stamps Fiona!! I'm glad you splurged, it sounds like you needed a bit of a pick me up :o)