Monday, April 7, 2008

Our House Warming

party was on the weekend and it went okay, the house looked fantastically tidy, all those that physical replied they were coming showed up, a few that said they were didn't. Mainly the girls from work but I kinda figured they wouldn't show. the weather wasn't that great but it didn't really rain either so I guess that was good. We had far to much food and booze so I now have a well stocked liquor cabinet. Most people brought their own to drink and the other halves were the drivers. we will also be eating sausages for the next month or two! Alot also seemed to leave early but that happens when you have kids with you but we had a few that stayed late which was really nice. I didn't have anything to drink until later in the evening and I was still a useless host as I forgot to take photos and get everyone to sign my guest book. (much to Justin's relief as he thinks it dumb) I did manage to get about four people (the ones that stayed late) to sign it but still out of 25 or so that is pretty pathetic. Most of the kids seem to have a good time, some of them I did have to talk to as they were running around inside with no respect for the house, and no it wasn't the boys!
I had Sunday off work as Laura was suppose to have a dance day on but it was postponed, which I was a little annoyed at but good to have a extra day at home with the family. we did a cooked breakfast with some leftovers and Laura made waffles for everyone, as my Mum and Dad had stayed the night and we invited the Browns (neighbours) who we also had here for tea for more leftovers! Other than that we didn't really do alot.
Alexander also had his first game of rugby on Saturday and I didn't get to see it as I have to take Laura to dance in town at the same time! I was abit disappointed and Justin refused to take photos as he wanted to watch the game not take photos! I did manage to see him at practise for the first time on Thursday night and he was oh so cute and he seem to get into and do well! He did well at the game on Saturday both Dad and Grandad went and watched as it was in Rolleston against another Rolleston team and his team won so that was good. They have different tops to wear when they go into the club rooms after each game as they had to take a plate of food when it is a home game to share with everyone. cool aye?
Okay that is all for now. Hope everyone is else is fine.

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Megan said...

Thanks for the nice comments Fiona. I have to admit to being a lurker on your blog and have been slack at posting!! But I am definately reading :o)