Thursday, April 3, 2008

Okay so I missed a couple of weeks and yes abit has happened in between then so lets see

Easter weekend

Friday I did some weed pulling in the garden and that night we had the street bbq where we had a few wines so a good time was had by all although the head didn't feel so good when it hit the pillow but i was fine the next day

Saturday more garden and dinner next door and a movie at our place

Sunday Justin's dad had a heart attack so the afternoon was spent at the hospital

Monday I was back to work but our lovley neighbours had tea already for us, so I whipped up a blackboy peach crumble and a apple one for fussy people like Laura.

Justin and the kids had the Tuesday off so they visited Grandad. He was home on Thursday, just a minor heart attack and when I saw him again on Saturday he looked fine, would never have known. we went around there as Justin's brother and their kids who just had birthdays were visiting so we took their presents around. After that we had a guy come around to quote for the landscape or lawn being sown after that I finally got back to the garden but by then it was getting late and we were going to have a bbq with next door but we had a few issues and so I just carried on then Rebecca came over and we decided it was wine time! So we sat outside and had a wine and her husband ended up cooking us up some wedges with bacon and sour cream, its was bloody good!

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